April 12, 2024

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YouTube Selection: SouperboyX’s Fan Trailers

You know what? You deserve two videos today. Yes, you do.

Normally in this slot, I toss out something I found on YouTube that I think, for one reason or another, is kinda cool.

Today, I feel like tossing out two by the same guy.

OK, these are a couple years old each, but the guy does some good work in the genre of “fake fan trailers”.  YouTuber SouperboyX mixed up this rather neat-looking trailer for a Marvel Avengers Alliance movie, featuring pretty much every Marvel movie out at the time, and even a bit of the TV stuff.  This was back when Andrew Garfield was still Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four didn’t cause debates over their relative position to space, and all we knew of Ant-Man was some special effects test footage and Paul Rudd was going to be in it.  It looks like there’s something of a plot strewn together here as the tesseract is on Earth, and the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the Guardians of the Galaxy have to stop Dr. Doom from doing something with before Galactus gets to Earth.

And hey, there’s one for the Justice League too.  This one came out after Man of Steel and while Batsoup  was probably just a couple trailers.  Lots of Arrowverse TV stuff, some Henry Cavil, and Chris Pine’s hanging around because, at the time, there were rumors he was going to be the new Green Lantern instead of, well, you know who.

Enjoy your fake trailers, folks.