April 24, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Dipper Vs. Manliness”

Season One, Episode Six.

Sometimes, a person just has to get out of the Mystery Shack and hit the local diner.

That can lead to all kinds of trouble.

See, the diner looks to have good food, but Stan’s, you know, cheap, so he won’t buy Mabel any pancakes when a free cup of salad dressing will do.  Dipper notices that there’s a manliness tester that, should the player win, can give out free pancakes, and he’ll do it.  He may even have a chest hair at this point (he does not).

Stan and Mabel find the idea of Dipper being manly hilarious.

As it turns out, so does the machine.  Dipper gets a card calling him a “cutie patootie”.  That’s not very manly at all.

Who is manly?  Manly Dan the lumberjack.  He easily wins the pancakes.

Embarrassed, Dipper runs off into the woods to become manly.  His family might have noticed, but Mabel has a new project.  Stan has a thing for the diner’s one waitress, a woman named Lazy Susan who has an eyelid that won’t stay up.  Mabel is going to make Stan presentable.  That could take a while.

While out in the woods, Dipper finds everything, including Manly Dan, running from a horrible something.  Dipper can’t get away in time and meets…the Manotaur.  It’s half man, half…taur.  Big, burly, and really masculine, Dipper convinces the creature to teach him how to be a man.  The Manotaur agrees.  He then carries Dipper back to its…MAN CAVE.

See, gnomes live in trees.  Merfolk live in water.  They are, to the Manotaurs (Menotaur?), wimps.  Man Caves are the place to be.  And after a fistfight breaks out over Dipper’s request to learn manliness, they say no.  Then Dipper suggests they aren’t manly enough to teach him, so they have another fistfight and change their minds.

Duel training montages pass.  Mabel can’t make Stan presentable.  So, she takes him to Lazy Susan after noting Susan spends a lot of time fixing the pie rotator.  If she likes fixing things that never stay fixed, Mabel points out, she’ll adore Stan.  He’s a mess.  Susan agrees and gives them a free pie and her phone number.

Dipper, meanwhile, is sent on the final quest of the Manotaur’s leader:  bring back the head of the Multi-Bear.  What’s that?  A talking beast made up mostly of multiple bear heads.  And it sounds just like Alfred Molina, partly because it is.

Does Dipper kill it?  No.  It turns out they have the same taste in Abba-ish music.  The Multi-Bear mostly just gets made fun of by the Manotaur clan as a result.  Dipper decides he won’t become manly their way as a result.  And yes, the Manotaur clan makes fun of him.

But, as Stan points out, making an unpopular decision rather than fold under peer pressure is rather manly in its own way.  And Dipper finally had that chest hair…until Mabel yanked it out with a pair of tweezers for her scrapbook.

Yeah, it turns out Grunkle Stan has some good advice at times.  Now if only he’d call Lazy Susan back…