May 19, 2024

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House Of Cards “Chapter Fifty-Five”

Season Five, Episode Three.

Is this what I think it is?  A House of Cards episode that has a cliffhanger?  Like, a real one?


Yes, it’s Election Day, and Conway has a stunt where he live chats with real voters, answering one question apiece for 24 hours.  True, one of those people is a former comrade-in-arms who seems to know something about Conway’s big heroic moment in Afghanistan that, it seems, Conway doesn’t want people to know about, but that guy seems kinda out of it and doesn’t want to talk about it either.

Plus, Conway’s last caller is, well, Frank.

And we see how the Underwoods watch and quote along to the movie Double Indemnity before every election.  That’s a movie about murdering for love.  That’s…oddly appropriate for these two.  The problem is turnout is low in places where Frank needs high turn out, former VP Matthews didn’t help out as he should, and everyone expects Frank to lose the election.

You know, everybody except the viewer.  Even if you don’t, I dunno, read the episode descriptions on Netflix before each episode, this is only the third episode of the season.  There’s no way that the series will show nine or ten episodes of life for Frank after the White House.

So, when he ends the episode saying he isn’t going anywhere, you just know he’s got some last minute plan to win the election.  I’m not sure how ethical it will be, but let’s face it, if it is some illegal mess, I won’t exactly be surprised either at this point.