April 17, 2024

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American Gods “Head Full Of Snow”

Season One, Episode Three.

Between the write-ups for episode two and three, I managed to finish my reread of the original novel.  That helped a bit.  Sure, I forgot Bilquis had a second scene, but she sure does have more of a presence here than she did in the book, for better or for worse.

And since this is a Bryan Fuller-produced show, it sure was nice seeing former Kid In The Hall Scott Thompson however briefly before after he had that small reoccurring role on Hannibal.

Once more, we open with an old god up to something somewhere in America.  But this one doesn’t demand blood or scream for retribution or swallow some folks whole during sex.  No, this time around we have Anubis gently (for the most part) escorting a recently deceased Egyptian woman through the afterlife.  OK, the not-so-gentle part seemed to be the work of Bast, but you gotta be careful of cats in the afterlife.

That said, I get the impression this will be a rough show to write about from week to week.  Much of the episode takes place in interludes between Anubis and then the Iffrit briefly seen in episode two demonstrating that having sex with a sacred being from another land doesn’t always lead to misfortune and death.  Sometimes it even ends relatively well for the mortal in question.

Between that, we see Shadow get his silver dollar/moon from the youngest-looking of the Zorya sisters while Mr. Wednesday seems to be putting the moves on the oldest-looking one so if you ever wanted to see Cloris Leachman kiss Ian McShane, you are in luck.  Then there’s the checkers rematch with Czernobog that goes much better this time around.  And after a scam to rob bank customers, during which Shadow may or may not have conjured snow, and having a desperate Mad Sweeney come looking for the coin he gave Shadow since he gave Shadow the wrong one, we find out Laura has it.

And she’s not quite as dead as she looked before.

Next week’s episode is filling in Laura’s story.  That should be worth it since she’s only a sporadic presence in the source material.