March 30, 2023

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YouTube Selection: Nerdwriter1’s Passengers, Rearranged

YouTube video essayist Nerdwriter1 tries to fix the controversial film Passengers.

Passengers was, well, a controversial mess of a movie.  We here at Gabbing Geek had a good debate on the moral implications of the movie.

Is it possible to make it a better movie with the existing footage?

That’s what YouTube personality Nerdwriter attempted.  I find Nerdwriter a fairly smart and observant guy, and when he came out with this video last April, I was mightily impressed.  It’s not a perfect fix by his own admission, but his edit makes Passengers a more thoughtful and interesting movie and he only did a single, simple trick when all is said and done.  The video has SPOILERS for the original movie, obviously, but is worth a look anyway.

Yeah, there’s an ad at the end, but still.

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