March 24, 2023

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Gravity Falls “The Hand That Rocks The Mabel”

Season One, Episode Four.

So, it seems, Grunkle Stan has an enemy.

Shocking, perhaps, if there is only one.

Yes, the Mystery Shack has a competitor, a fellow named Gideon who claims to have psychic powers.  He advertises on local TV in a way that makes Stan look even worse by showing slow motion footage of the Mystery Shack’s cheap-o owner coming out of an outhouse.  And while Stan will forbid Soos and the kids from being under Gideon’s roof, Gideon works out of a tent so he doesn’t have a roof.  Nice loophole there.

As it is, Gideon is, well, a kid.  He seems to do the standard sort of “psychic” behavior that comes from general observation.  Like, he knows Mabel’s name by reading her sweatshirt, a brightly-colored thing with her name written across it in large letters.  As such, while Dipper is unimpressed, Mabel sure is.  Granted, Dipper points out Mabel is easily impressed, and she’s impressed by the truth of that statement.

But then…Gideon wants to hang out with Mabel.  That’s fun at first.  Dipper is cautious of anyone whose hair is larger than his head, and Gideon certainly qualifies there.  It gets uncomfortable for Mabel when Gideon asks her on a date and she, very reluctantly, says yes.  That sets Stan off until Gideon’s father sets up a profit-sharing scheme.

But Mabel doesn’t want to date, oh, anybody.  She liked having a make-over buddy and all, but he’s not really boyfriend material.  As it is, Mabel’s too nice to break up with Gideon so Dipper goes to do it for her.  Gideon doesn’t take it very well, but what can a fake psychic do about it?

Wait, what do you mean he really does have special powers?

Yes, it seems Li’l Gideon’s amulet allows him to move stuff with his mind, so he lures Dipper out to an old shack and tries to kill him for coming in-between himself and Mabel.  Dude, Dipper is her twin brother.  That seems wrong.

Fortunately, Mabel has a flash of conscience and goes to the shack herself to break it off personally.  And during the scuffle, the boys go out a window and Mabel saves them with the amulet herself.  Then she smashes it so now Gideon really is a fake psychic.  And though Stan lost the potential money, he doesn’t mind too much since Gideon and his father are kinda creepy.

That would be a happy ending.  I wonder if Dipper found out anything about that in his weird book with the number 3 on it.  Of course, we also learn Gideon seems to have a similar book with a number 2 on it…

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