July 20, 2024

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The Wire “Not For Attribution”

Season Five, Episode Three.

Yeah, funny thing about lying:  it’s like potato chips.  Sometimes you can’t have just one.

Since I am not really sure what’s going on with the newspaper, that lying reporter guy is making up quotes for reactions when he doesn’t get to write up a big story, leaked by Carcetti’s office, that Daniels is being groomed to take over for Burrell.  Thing is, the quote makes it look like Daniels is really gunning for the commissioner’s job, and, well, he isn’t.  Not like that.  And sure, Rhonda doesn’t see the harm, and neither does Daniels’ ex.  You know things are messed up when he goes to talk to his ex for advice.  Burrell does have potentially incriminating stuff on Daniels going waaaaaaay back, and Burrell is not afraid to use it.

By the way, that reporter’s editor, Gus, sure is suspicious.

But the bigger lies are coming from McNulty.  Perhaps permanently ruining his friendship with Bunk, McNulty creates evidence of a homeless serial killer by planting some weird evidence, and it seems to be working.  He even leaks it to the newspaper…but it’s homeless people, so it isn’t exactly front page news.  Eventually his story catches on.

What makes things worse for Bunk is he tries bringing wise old Lester in to talk McNulty out of it before it gets worse.  I mean, homeless murders (one of which isn’t even a murder) are never going to be solved.  McNulty can back out now and nothing worse will happen.

Unless, of course, Lester also thinks its a good idea to kick up money to bring down Marlo for good, among other things.

What is Marlo up to?  He’s moving money to foreign banks, setting up his own connection with the Greek behind Proposition Joe’s back, and he really wants Omar dead.  Omar skipped town after his last caper.  Where did he go?

See, Omar had an older friend and mentor named Butchie.  Chris and Snoop go talk to Butchie.  Butchie won’t talk, even with a bullet in his kneecap.  So, they kill him.

Omar’s off in Puerto Rico living the good life when the news gets to him.

He’s coming back to Baltimore now.