February 24, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Regarding Margie”

In which Marge gets amnesia and forgets Homer.

Hey, look!  Homer and Marge’s marriage is in trouble again!

Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson have a new scheme cooked up where they paint street numbers on the curb and ask the homeowner for ten bucks.  Naturally, Homer refuses to pay after the boys have gotten “74” done.  As it is, they refuse to finish the “2,” so Homer says he’ll do it himself.

Does Homer do it?  Actually, he finishes it by painting the curb so it spells out “74 Oakland A’s-Best Team Ever,” to the gratitude of a few players passing by, including guest stars Sal Bando and Gene Tenace.  That was nice of Homer, though I have no idea who those guys are.  Once the A’s are A-OK, Homer erases his work and leaves the “74” there to confuse the mail woman.  Now he’s getting strangers’ mail, including an invite to a rather nice Jewish wedding he and Marge attend without issue aside from the bride thinking the man she thinks Homer is was supposed to be blind.

Why, Homer’s mail theft even gets Marge a free housecleaning.  That means she has to extensively clean the house before the maids get there because they talk.  Yes, that defeats the purpose of getting a maid service, but when Marge spots a single spot of really strong stained material on her kitchen floor, the resulting concoction of super-cleansers make her dizzy, she falls over, hits her head, and then wakes up in the hospital.

It gets a bit worse when Marge wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the past few years.  She doesn’t seem to recognize anybody, and Homer initially thinks that is because Dr. Hibbert altered his face.  Homer takes Marge home, and she doesn’t seem to much like what she sees.

I don’t blame her one bit.

Good news!  Once home, Marge hears Maggie sucking on her pacifier and instantly, Marge remembers Maggie.  She remembers Lisa when she hears her middle child say something smart.  Bart she remembers when Milhouse shows up.  Homer?  No.  She can’t remember Homer.

What kind of person forgets Homer Simpson?

Well, even though Patty and Selma think this is the best news ever, Homer decides to win Marge over again with a romantic date.  And it was going so well until Homer took Marge to the place he described as the setting for the best day of his life:  the miniature golf course where Homer knocked Marge up having sex inside one of the little buildings.

Yeah, turns out that’s a bit of a turn-off now.  Marge tosses Homer out of the house.  He goes to live with Grampa.

But this is Patty and Selma we’re talking about, so they quickly take Marge speed-dating where she meets a seemingly great guy with two twin brothers that are just as awful as Patty and Selma.  Wait, why is Patty speed-dating at this thing?  She prefers girls.

But it turns out telling the great guy she has three kids and amnesia causes the great guy to not be great and he leaves.  Homer overheard and stuck up for Marge.  She overheard, and the two are reunited.

Heck, Marge even remembers Homer when he mentions “beer”.  Yes, she remembers everything, including how much he drinks all the time.

Fortunately, she also remembered what an enabler she is.