April 24, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Headhunters”

Season One, Episode Three.

Look, just stay out of hidden rooms in the Mystery Shack.

Another dull day at the Mystery Shack gets less dull when Soos finds a hidden door.  And there is something horrible in there:  Grunkle Stan is standing around in his underwear.  Oh yeah, and there are a number of wax figures in there.  It seems Stan used to have a wax museum on site, but he put all the figures in storage when they stopped selling tickets.  Unfortunately, his wax Abraham Lincoln was left out in the sun and melted away.  Mabel, being Mabel, offers to make a new figure from the wax.

What does she make? Something so spectacular, it causes Stan to have a grand re-opening of the wax museum.  Was it the fairy princess/horse princess hybrid?  The really muscular waffles?  Nope.  She made a Stan.

Hey, it’s actually a pretty good likeness.  Mabel has some real talent for someone with a glue gun stuck to one arm.

However, Stan’s re-opening doesn’t go well when it turns out there is no free pizza.  The stampede out was proof of that.  But then something weird happens.  While Stan and the kids are out of the room, someone beheads and steals the head of Wax Stan.  Who could it be?

Well, Dipper is pretty observant.  He’s at least as good as his TV idol the Duck-tective.  Yes, it’s a duck.  He soon finds an axe, and that leads to a top suspect in the form of angry lumberjack Manly Dan.  But Dan’s right-handed, and this is a left-handed axe!  And all the other human suspects are also right handed!  Except for the reporter, and he, er, had an alibi.

So, who did it?  Well, the other clue was a bad shoe in the footprint, and during the funeral, Dipper notices Wax Stan has that bad shoe.  Real Stan has stepped out, of course, and Mabel notes all the wax statues have that so there’s a place to stick the post to hold the statues up.

Oh, it turns out that the wax statues come to life every waxing moon.  Led by a particularly incensed Sherlock Holmes (guest star John Oliver), these cursed figures were mad because Stan put them away and out of sight for so long.  They weren’t trying to decapitate Wax Stan.  They were trying to decapitate REAL Stan.

Now there’re just going to have to kill the kids and then go get revenge on the real Stan.

But, you know, wax is awfully easy to melt.

Point is, these guys don’t last very long, not even random celebrity statues of Coolio and Larry King (playing themselves…sort of).

Anyway, Dipper solved the case and Stan missed the whole thing.  Typical.