August 15, 2022

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YouTube Selection: Boba Fett Vs. Star-Lord–Super Power Beat Down

Two characters from different universes meet and fight. What more do you need?

Hey, let’s see if I can put up another random video from someone else on a weekly basis!

The studio Bat in the Sun has an ongoing series called “Super Power Beat Down” where they toss off a fight of some kind, collect viewer votes, then put together a video featuring said fight.

Anyway, their most recent is Boba Fett vs. Star-Lord.  Granted, there is a good four to five minutes of pre-fight chat, where one guy wanders around a comic con and asks mostly costumed attendees who they think will win, though I will give bonus points to the guy done up as Aladdin‘s Jafar who manages to stay in-character the entire time.  Is the fight worth it?  Judge for yourself, but be aware there’s a surprise cameo of sorts at the end.

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