July 20, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “My Fair Laddy”

In which Lisa makes Groundskeeper Willie into a proper gentleman for the school Science Fair.

Aw man, I’ve been spelling Groundskeeper Willie’s name wrong this whole time AND it’s another musical parody.  What am I supposed to do?  Describe the freakin’ songs?

At least this one is My Fair Lady and I actually know that one.

Springfield Elementary’s gym teacher Mrs. Pummellhorst is leaving for a sex change which means a new gym teacher needs to come in.  Coach Krupt, the new guy, he basically knows one activity:  bombardment.  He basically shouts that word while hitting every student he can with a ball whether said student is ready or not.  Even catching it doesn’t help.  I’m not sure how it is supposed to help, you know, at all, but he keeps it up.  Finally, Bart snaps and fills a ball up with water and then stuffs it in the Simpson freezer to make an ice ball.

As it is, Bart misses and the ball flies out and hits Groundskeeper Willie’s shack, collapsing it.  Upset, Willie tosses the ball away and does the same to his tractor.  Marge invites him to the Simpson house for the night, and that’s where Lisa gets the idea to make a gentleman out of Willie for the Science Fair.  Bart takes that wager.

If that seems weird, later on, Kearney and Jimbo will bet whether or not Kearney can get around the world in 80 days.

While all this is going on, Homer is trying to find a new pair of his trademark(?) blue pants.  That involves advertising off his own bald head and disturbing poor Marge.  I’ll say no more than that.

Is Lisa successful?  Well, there are some songs that don’t translate well to a post like this, but it happens and Lisa brings him to the surprisingly-formal fair dressed in a white suit as G.K. Willington, Esq.  And the ruse works.  Willie is now a well-spoken gentlemen beloved by the ladies.  Now he’s too good to be a groundskeeper, but Lisa gets him a new job as Maitre’d at the finest restaurant in town.  You know, where people like Krusty and Coach Krupt apparently eat.

Yeah, that doesn’t last long.  Willie just wasn’t meant for the service industry.

So, yeah, as even Principal Skinner notes, everything reverts to the status quo.

I mean, Homer even found more blue pants.  I guess I did say more about that.