July 1, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Simpsons Christmas Stories”

In which we're apparently getting anthology episodes for other holidays now.

Man, I really never know what to write for anthology episodes.

You know something?  This was really weird.  The last segment was mostly musical comedy as the Simpsons and their friends and neighbors did stuff to the music of The Nutcracker because it’s public domain or something.

And in the middle was something where in World War II, Grampa and Mr. Burns were shot down in the Pacific since now Grampa was a Navy pilot instead of an Army grunt in Europe.  Did you know Grampa had a brother named Cyrus who seemed to die in the war?  Well, neither did Bart and Lisa. Grampa and Burns helped Santa fix his accidentally downed sleigh, and then in the end Santa took Grampa to Tahiti where it turned out Cyrus was still alive and well.

But the first segment was probably the best since it had Homer telling the story of the first Christmas to the rest of the Churchgoers when Rev. Lovejoy has a (model) train accident and back-up sermonizer Ned Flanders passes out from a paper cut.  Homer’s retelling recasts himself as Joseph, Marge as the Virgin Mary, Bart as Baby Jesus, Lisa as an angel, and so forth.  There’s all kinds of sacrilegious stuff in there that can best be explained as “THIS IS HOW HOMER THINKS THE BIBLE GOES.”

Yes, I did have to write that in all-caps.

OK, I’m done.  There wasn’t much to say.  It was really, really weird.

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