April 19, 2024

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House Of Cards “Chapter Fifty”

Season Four, Episode Eleven.

The Tale of Two Toms continues.

You know, we started with Yates the first time, let’s go to Hammerscmidt this time.

Tom’s makin’ progress.  He talks to Remy!  Remy won’t talk…yet.  He talks to the recently fired/quit Freddy!  Oh, that just gets him a beating.  It seems Freddy may hate Frank Underwood with a passion, but he won’t snitch either.  Then he talks to Remy again, and Remy confirms a few things way off-the-record with a simple drinking game.

Hammerschmidt follows that up with getting an office at his old job and the support of his longtime former publisher.  He’s…careful.  Even if Freddy gave him a bad beating.

Say, Hammerschmidt and Freddy were both on The Wire…

But what about Yates…

OK, so, Frank knows Claire is sleeping with Tom.  Frank doesn’t mind.  OK, weird enough.  Frank had to take time off the campaign trail to deal with that IKIL bunch and also flying too much is bad for his recent transplant.  Wait, really?  OK, I’ll go along with that.

Yates decides to leave the campaign trail before Claire has to ask him to, but Frank, following an explosive final conversation with Freddy, asks Tom to come back because Claire has needs Frank can’t fulfill.  And so, Tom spends the night in the White House with the First Lady and what I am assuming was as awkward a breakfast the next morning as that final scene suggested…

Yeah, I don’t want to talk about that anymore.