April 12, 2024

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Spider-Man Complete Chronology Update 18

Yes, this project is alive and well.

Finally!  An update!

It’s hard to believe it’s been five months since my last update.  While the updates dried up, the reading has not, and below you’ll find a substantial addition of 150 or so issues to the chronology.  If you’re new here, I am reading all the issues as I go, so it takes some time.

Things were pretty straight forward this go round.  While there are some things that clearly need to follow one another, for many things the order you read them in does not matter.  Whole sections of the chronology can often be flipped with the issues before or after it with little consequence.  These books were really never produced to slot together perfectly in a timeline, so sometimes you have to just live with discrepancies that can never be resolved.

One case in point that occurred in this update was with regards to the Hobgoblin.  At the beginning of the time period covered by this update, the second Hobgoblin is in his demonic form.  He’s also become something of a pet project for Howard Mackie who was writing Web of Spider-Man, Moon Knight and Ghost Rider.  As such, Hobby would appear many times across those books, often with a guest starring Spider-Man in tow when not in his own title.  The problem that arises is over in the adjective-less, and mostly continuity ignoring Spider-Man arc Revenge of the Sinister Six, written and drawn by Erik Larsen.

During Mackie’s run on his various books, the Hobgoblin follows a very distinct timeline.  He begins as fully demonic, then develops a “split personality” of sorts as the demon persona and the human Jason Macendale persona battle for control.  He is eventually captured and incarcerated in the pages of Moon Knight until he is freed and the two personas eventually split into separate beings in Web.  It actually all flows very nicely.  The monkey wrench comes in that Hobgoblin appears as a member of the Sinister Six and seems to quite clearly be in his full demonic state, prior to the whole “split personality”/imprisonment storyline.  Well, that’s easily solved Jimmy, just put those issues before the issues by Mackie.  Right?

For the most part, yes.  And that is probably where they should go and read best that way.  It puts them out of publishing order as Spider-Man #18-23 would now appear before Spider-Man #13-14, but that’s not a big deal, and not something the Chronology hasn’t done before.  The problem with doing this, and yes, it is incredibly minor, is that during the Sinister Six arc, Spider-Man’s costume is destroyed and there is a scene where Mary Jane sews him a new one because she does not want him to wear his black costume, which is his only remaining usable suit.  If you ignore this scene, the placement as described works wonderfully.  However, this scene tells us that Spidey has his black suit, which he recently had the Fantastic Four’s seamstress whip up for reasons in Spider-Man #13-14.  He also wears it in Moon Knight #32-33 which have to follow immediately afterwards.  At the end of that last Moon Knight issue is where the “split personality” Hobgoblin is captured.  And so, because of the black costume, Spider-Man #18-23 need to occur after Moon Knight #32-33.

This really ruins the flow from a Hobgoblin perspective as it means that after Moon Knight he escapes prison, relapses completely to his demonic form, appears in the Sinister Six arc and then somewhere off panel begins having mental issues again and is eventually recaptured prior to his appearance in Web.  I really wasn’t sure what to do with this whole mess, but at the end of the day I decided that this is a Spider-Man Chronology, and not a Hobgoblin Chronology, so I went with the sequence that made the most sense for Spider-Man.  So, they are listed in that way, but I would recommend reading them in the Hobgoblin Order.

The other little quirk arrives courtesy of Web of Spider-Man #100.  In that issue, Spider-Man fights The Eel (among others).  Spidey and the Eel make passing references to their first and only previous encounter.  The strange thing is that that fight took place in Marvel Collectors Edition #1…which was a giveaway by Charleston Chew.  I generally don’t include giveaways in the chronology (and they are often very obviously not canon) but this was so blatant it begged for inclusion.  That said, it’s totally skippable, and tracking down a copy is another story.  (In contrast, the Spider-Man Special Edition featuring the “The Trial of Venom” story was originally only available through donations to UNICEF, but has since been made available for purchase individually and in various collections.  And it is quite in-continuity.)

One final note,  I haven’t included issues #4-6 of Infinity War since Spider-Man doesn’t appear.  Outside of one tie-in, his involvement with this mega crossover is minimal at best.

At long last, here is the latest update that brings us up to just before Maximum Carnage:

  1. A+X 016 [Spider-Man story only] – Pretty context free.  Supposedly in the 90’s before Spider-Man is ever an (reserve?) Avenger.
  2. Web of Spider-Man 079
  3. Web of Spider-Man 080 – Almost immediately after Web of Spider-Man 79.
  4. Spider-Man 013 – Sub-City Part 1. Return of the black suit.
  5. Spider-Man 014 – Sub-City Part 2. Immediately after Spider-Man 13.
  6. Marc Spector Moon Knight 32 – Direct reference to Ghost Rider 14, which is a typo and should be 16 and/or 17. Immediately after Spider-Man 14. Still in the black suit.
  7. Marc Spector Moon Knight 33 – Immediately after Marc Spector Moon Knight 32.
  8. Slapstick 02 – I’m not even sure this is in continuity. It’s barely worth mentioning.
  9. Spider-Man 015
  10. Amazing Spider-Man 351 – Direct reference to Web of Spider-Man Annual 7. All that years Spider-Man annuals actually.
  11. Amazing Spider-Man 352 – Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 351.
  12. X-Force 003
  13. Spider-Man 016 – Immediately after X-Force 3. Though the script doesn’t seem to think so.
  14. X-Force 004 – Immediately after Spider-Man 16. Has Spider-Man met some of these X-Force folks before or just knows them by reputation.  He’s awfully buddy buddy with them.
  15. Web of Spider-Man 081
  16. Web of Spider-Man 082
  17. Web of Spider-Man 083
  18. Spider-Man 019 [Story 2]
  19. Spider-Man 020 [Story 2] – Immediately after Spider-Man 19
  20. Spider-Man 018 – Revenge of the Sinister Six Part 1.   Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 334-339.   Hobgoblin still demonic. Seems like it should go before Moon Knight issues and hence before Spider-Man 13-14. One thing that gives me pause is MJ making him a new suit so he doesn’t need to wear the black one again. He got the black one from the Fantastic Four tailor in Spider-Man 13. Hobgoblin’s portrayal here means it could go before the Moon Knight issues, but the black costume reference means it is after.  Since this is a Spider-Man chronology, I will go with the latter as it makes more sense for him.  But the Hobgoblin story arc does make more sense prior to Spider-Man 13-14.
  21. Spider-Man 019 [Story 1] – Revenge of the Sinister Six Part 2. Immediately after Spider-Man 18. Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 339.
  22. Spider-Man 020 [Story 1] – Revenge of the Sinister Six Part 3. Immediately after Spider-Man 19.
  23. Spider-Man 021 – Revenge of the Sinister Six Part 4. Immediately after Spider-Man 20.
  24. Spider-Man 022 – Revenge of the Sinister Six Part 5. Continues from Spider-Man 21.
  25. Spider-Man 023 – Revenge of the Sinister Six Part 6. Immediately after Spider-Man 22.
  26. Spider-Man – Fear Itself (1992) – Harry is “normal” so has to be before The Child Within storyline.
  27. Spider-Man – Soul of the Hunter (1992)
  28. Spectacular Spider-Man 178 – The Child Within Part 1. Direct reference to “upcoming” Soul of the Hunter which sounds like it takes place before this.
  29. Spectacular Spider-Man 179 – The Child Within Part 2. Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 178.
  30. Spectacular Spider-Man 180 – The Child Within Part 3. Harry obviously remembers Peter is Spider-Man here. Direct reference to Web of Spider-Man 67.
  31. Spectacular Spider-Man 181 – The Child Within Part 4. Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 180.
  32. Spectacular Spider-Man 182 – The Child Within Part 5. Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 181.
  33. Spectacular Spider-Man 183 – The Child Within Part 6. Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 182.
  34. Spectacular Spider-Man 184 – The Child Within Aftermath. A couple of days after the end of Spectacular Spider-Man 183.
  35. Spectacular Spider-Man 185 – Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 184.
  36. Web of Spider-Man 084 – The Name of the Rose Part 1. Hobgoblin is in jail and switching back and forth between demon and Macendale. Seems more like a follow up to the Moon Knight issues. 1st appearance Rose II.
  37. Web of Spider-Man 085 – The Name of the Rose Part 2. Direct reference to Ghost Rider 17.
  38. Web of Spider-Man 086 – The Name of the Rose Part 3.  Direct reference to Moon Knight 33 and Ghost Rider 17. Macendale and Demogoblin split into two.
  39. Web of Spider-Man 087 – The Name of the Rose Part 4. Spider-Man mistakes Demogoblin for the Green Goblin saying, “Harry!  At last!” which seems to imply this is after The Child Within run in Spectacular Spider-Man where Harry becomes the Goblin again and leaves his family and goes on the run in the end.
  40. Web of Spider-Man 088 – The Name of the Rose Part 5. Shortly after the end of Web of Spider-Man 87.   1st Blood Rose.
  41. Web of Spider-Man 089 – The Name of the Rose Part 6.
  42. Amazing Spider-Man 353 – Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Part 1. Direct reference to Moon Knight 19-21, Darkhawk 2-3.
  43. Amazing Spider-Man 354 – Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Part 2. Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 353. There’s a two week break in this issue. Direct reference to Moon Knight 21.
  44. Amazing Spider-Man 355 – Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Part 3. Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 354.
  45. Amazing Spider-Man 356 – Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Part 4.  Continues from Amazing Spider-Man 355.
  46. Amazing Spider-Man 357 – Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Part 5.  Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 356.
  47. Amazing Spider-Man 358 – Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Part 6.  Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 357.
  48. Amazing Spider-Man 359
  49. Amazing Spider-Man 360 – Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 359. Has to be after Harry disappears in Spectacular Spider-Man 184. First Carnage cameo.
  50. Fantastic Four 362
  51. Daredevil v1 305
  52. Daredevil v1 306 – Immediately(?) after Daredevil 305.
  53. Spectacular Spider-Man 186 – Funeral Arrangements Part 1.
  54. Spectacular Spider-Man 187 – Funeral Arrangements Part 2. Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 186. References “recent issues of Web of Spider-Man ” in reference to The Name of the Rose storyline.
  55. Spectacular Spider-Man 188 – Funeral Arrangements Part 3. Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 187.
  56. Spectacular Spider-Man 189 – Story 1 – continues from Spectacular Spider-Man 188, though not immediately. Harry arrested and taken away. Story 2 – Back up Aunt May story that takes place shortly after Spectacular Spider-Man 188, possibly between that issue and Story 1 here.
  57. Spectacular Spider-Man 190 – Seems to be the same night as Spectacular Spider-Man 189.
  58. Spider-Man 025 – Moving up and out of sequence due to mention of Operation: Galactic Storm which (though it doesn’t involve Spidey) took place before Infinity War. Peter and Robbie talk about MJ not doing nude scenes which was part of the previous arc that was moved way up. Could possibly move this up closer to that, as the issue is mostly a stand alone fill in. Spider-Man ends up in London.
  59. Silver Sable and the Wild Pack v1 01
  60. Amazing Spider-Man 361 – Carnage Part 1. First time we see Mary Jane smoking.
  61. Amazing Spider-Man 362 – Carnage Part 2. Continues from Amazing Spider-Man 361, but not immediately.
  62. Amazing Spider-Man 363 – Carnage Part 3. Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 362. First appearance Peter’s “parents”.
  63. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1992 (#26) – Story 1 – The Hero Killers Part 1. Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 363. Story 2 – Venom story. Spider-Man only appears in newspaper clippings. Story 3 – Solo story. No Spider-Man. Story 4 – Spider-Man “story”, but is really just a “top villains” filler piece framed by a Looter story. Story 5 – Cloak and Dagger story. No Spider-Man.
  64. Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 12 – Story 1 – The Hero Killers Part 2. Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man Annual 26 (story 1). Story 2 – Part 2 of Venom story.  No Spider-Man .  Story 3 – Prowler solo story, no Spider-Man.  Story 4 – Another filler “story” of Spider-Man’s most embarrassing moments.  Story 5 – Cloak and Dagger story, no Spider-Man.
  65. Web of Spider-Man Annual 08 (1992) – story 1 – The Hero Killers Pt 3.  Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man @12 story 1.  Story 2 – venom story, no Spider-Man .  story 3 – Black Cat story, no Spider-Man . Story 4 – Pure Spider-Man filler that can mostly be ignored and left where is, unless really picky about splitting Hero Killers and putting them together.Story 5 – Cloak and Dagger story, no Spider-Man .
  66. New Warriors Annual 02 [Story 1] – Story 1 – The Hero Killers Part 4. Immediately after Web of Spider-Man Annual 8 (story 1).  Rest of the issue are New Warriors stories, no Spider-Man .
  67. Darkhawk 019
  68. Darkhawk 020 – Immediately after Darkhawk 19.
  69. Sleepwalker 017 – Immediately after Darkhawk 20.
  70. Spider-Man Special Edition 01 – Originally a UNICEF giveaway.
  71. Web of Spider-Man 090
  72. Avengers West Coast 084 – Spider-Man flies out to the west coast.  These issues are context free.
  73. Avengers West Coast 085 – Immediately after Avengers West Coast 84.
  74. Avengers West Coast 086 – Immediately after Avengers West Coast 85. Spider-Man is not shown getting back from LA.
  75. Spider-Man & Doctor Strange – The Way to Dusty Death
  76. Marvel Collector’s Edition 01 (Charleston Chew Premium) – Mostly context free outside of Peter and MJ being married. First meeting with the Eel. Spidey isn’t even sure who he is. Can really go anywhere in 1992.
  77. Infinity War 01 – 1st appearance Spider-Man’s Doppelganger. Spider-Man’s role is pretty minor, and unlike others, his fight with his doppelganger is not shown.
  78. Spider-Man 024 – Infinity War crossover. Overlaps with Infinity War 1.
  79. Infinity War 02 – After Spider-Man 24. Spider-Man is blasted unconscious by Iron Man’s doppleganger.
  80. Infinity War 03 – Immediately after Infinity War 2. Wonder Man claims they have found Spider-Man and are taking him to hospital. Spider-Man is not seen until later in hospital.
  81. Wonder Man 013 – Infinity War crossover. Overlaps with Infinity War 2-3. Spider-Man barely appears and is unconscious throughout. Story of Wonder Man, Hercules and Thor finding him and taking him to hospital. Not sure if his stay in hospital, recovery and release are ever mentioned anywhere.
  82. Mighty Thor 447 [Story 1 only] – Seems to be context free for Spider-Man.
  83. Mighty Thor 448 [Story 1 only] – Immediately after Mighty Thor 447.
  84. Web of Spider-Man 091 – Direct reference to Carnage storyline over in Amazing Spider-Man.
  85. Web of Spider-Man 092 – Continues from Web of Spider-Man 91, not clear how immediately after it is.
  86. Amazing Spider-Man 364 – Direct reference to Deadly Foes of Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man 186-188, Web of Spider-Man 84-89.
  87. Amazing Spider-Man 365 – Story 1 – direct reference to Spider-Man 1-5, Spectacular Spider-Man 175.  Peter meets his “parents”.   Story 2 – essay by Stan Lee about Peter’s parents.  Story 3 – another retelling of Spider-Man’s origin from the eyes of JJJ. Could probably move ahead of story one for reading flow, but not a big deal.  Story 4 – MJ flashes back on her relationship with Gwen. Could put this before story 1 as well, but again, no big deal. Story 5 – Prowler story, no Spider-Man .   Story 6 – another Spider-Man essay. Story 7 – preview of Spider-Man 2099 #1.
  88. Amazing Spider-Man 366 – Continues shortly after Amazing Spider-Man 365.
  89. Amazing Spider-Man 367 – Story continues from Amazing Spider-Man 366, but not clear how immediately. Amazing Spider-Man 365 was “yesterday”.
  90. Web of Spider-Man 093 – Hobgoblin Reborn Part 1. Seems to be very shortly after Peter has helped Betty in Web of Spider-Man 92 as MJ is jealous about it. That said, there is a direct reference to and has to be after Amazing Spider-Man 365-366. Also needs to go before Marc Spector Moon Knight 47.
  91. Web of Spider-Man 094 – Hobgoblin Reborn Part 2. Immediately after Web of Spider-Man 93.
  92. Web of Spider-Man 095 – Spirits of Venom Part 1. Immediately after Web of Spider-Man 94.  Direct reference to Spider-Man 25, which should be 24.  Direct reference to Infinity War 6, Amazing Spider-Man 363.
  93. Ghost Rider & Blaze – Spirits of Vengeance 05 – Spirits of Venom Part 2. Immediately after Web of Spider-Man 95.
  94. Web of Spider-Man 096 – Spirits of Venom Part 3. Immediately after Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits Of Vengeance 5.
  95. Ghost Rider & Blaze – Spirits of Vengeance 06 – Spirits of Venom Part 4. Immediately after Web of Spider-Man 96.
  96. Web of Spider-Man Annual 09 (1993) – Story 1 – origin of the Cadre. No Spider-Man. Story 2 – ugh. Spider-Man’s appearance is context free, but moved up a bit to be ahead of Marc Spector Moon Knight 47.  Story 3 – more Cadre, no Spider-Man.  Story 4 – Cloak and Dagger story, no Spider-Man. Story 5 – Nightwatch story, no Spider-Man.
  97. Marc Spector Moon Knight 47 – Mostly a glorified cameo, but Peter Parker getting offered the job of Moon Knight seems to have some significance.
  98. Spider-Man 026 – Story 1 – pretty context free. Story 2 – some horrible filler as Peter and MJ discuss his powers.
  99. Spectacular Spider-Man 191 – Eye of the Puma Part 1.  Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 365.
  100. Spectacular Spider-Man 192 – Eye of the Puma Part 2. Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 191.
  101. Spectacular Spider-Man 193 – Eye of the Puma Part 3. Continues from Spectacular Spider-Man 192.
  102. Spectacular Spider-Man 194 – Death of Vermin Part 1. Continues the same night as Spectacular Spider-Man 193.
  103. Spectacular Spider-Man 195 – Death of Vermin Part 2. Continues from Spectacular Spider-Man 194, though not immediately.
  104. Spectacular Spider-Man 196 – Death of Vermin Part 3. Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 195.
  105. Spider-Man 027
  106. Spider-Man 028 – Immediately after Spider-Man 27.
  107. Spider-Man 029 – Return to the Mad Dog Ward Part 1.
  108. Spider-Man 030 – Return to the Mad Dog Ward Part 2.
  109. Spider-Man 031 – Return to the Mad Dog Ward Part 3. Continues from Spider-Man 30. Not immediately, but can’t be anything in between.
  110. Marvel Comics Presents 120 [Spider-Man story only] – Completely context free.
  111. New Warriors 32
  112. New Warriors 33 – Immediately after New Warriors 32.
  113. New Warriors 34 – Continues from New Warriors 33.
  114. New Warriors Annual 03 [Story One only] – Immediately after New Warriors 34.
  115. Amazing Spider-Man 368 – Story one – Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Part 1.  Story two – Peter and Jonah fight over a story on his parents.
  116. Amazing Spider-Man 369 – Story one – Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Part 2.  Story two – Harry and Liz Osborn story.  Direct reference to Spectacular Spider-Man 189.
  117. Amazing Spider-Man 370 – Story one – Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Part 3. Story two – Aunt May story.
  118. Amazing Spider-Man 371 [Story 2]
  119. Amazing Spider-Man 372 [Story 2] – Flash and Peter sparring. Interesting that Flash talks about his father as an intellectual bookworm.  Pretty sure that the Flashback issue will retcon that away.  Flash also says that his father died before Flash ever met Peter.
  120. Amazing Spider-Man 371 [Story 1] – Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Part 4.
  121. Amazing Spider-Man 372 [Story 1] – Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Part 5. Overlaps with the ending and pretty much immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 371 (story one).
  122. Amazing Spider-Man 373 – Story one – Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Part 5.  Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 372 (story one).  Story two – Venom escapes capture while waiting to go to prison.  Peter Parker only cameos, but this leads into the next issue of Amazing Spider-Man.
  123. Amazing Spider-Man 374 – The day after at least the back up story in Amazing Spider-Man 373.
  124. Amazing Spider-Man 375 [Story 1,3-4] – Story one continues from Amazing Spider-Man 374. Story three – John Jameson story. Spider-Man in flashback cameo.  Context free.  Story 4 – Chameleon story. Context free. Spider-Man cameos in flashbacks.
  125. Fantastic Four 372
  126. Fantastic Four 373 – Continues from Fantastic Four 372.
  127. Amazing Spider-Man 375 [Story 2] – Takes place immediately after Fantastic Four 373 and continues in Fantastic Four 374.
  128. Fantastic Four 374 – Continues immediately after story two from Amazing Spider-Man 375.
  129. Venom Lethal Protector 01 – Direct reference and has to be after Amazing Spider-Man 375.  Peter flies to San Francisco.
  130. Venom Lethal Protector 02 – Immediately after Venom Lethal Protector 1.
  131. Venom Lethal Protector 03 – Immediately after Venom Lethal Protector 2.
  132. Venom Lethal Protector 04 – Continues from Venom Lethal Protector 3, but not immediately.
  133. Venom Lethal Protector 05 – Immediately after Venom Lethal Protector 4.   Direct reference Amazing Spider-Man 375.
  134. Venom Lethal Protector 06 – Continues from Venom Lethal Protector 5, but not immediately.  Direct reference to Amazing Spider-Man 375. Two days after final conflict, Peter flies home. (Why wait so long?)
  135. Web of Spider-Man 097 – My Enemy’s Enemy Part 1.
  136. Web of Spider-Man 098 – My Enemy’s Enemy Part 2. Immediately after Web of Spider-Man 97. Two weeks pass in the middle of this issue.
  137. Web of Spider-Man 099 – My Enemy’s Enemy Part 3. Immediately after Web of Spider-Man 98. Two weeks pass in the middle of this issue.
  138. Web of Spider-Man 100 – My Enemy’s Enemy Part 4.  1st appearance of the Spider-Armor. Immediately after Web of Spider-Man 99.  Origin of Spawn Nightwatch.  During the battle between Eel and Spidey, the two make an indirect reference to their last meeting which took place in a Charleston Chew giveaway.
  139. Spider-Man 032
  140. Spider-Man 033 – Immediately after Spider-Man 32.
  141. Spider-Man 034 – Immediately after Spider-Man 33.
  142. Fantastic Four 377 – Immediately after Fantastic Four 376.  Direct reference to Fantastic Four 373 and Amazing Spider-Man 375.  Only contains two small Peter Parker cameos,  and seems unnecessary, but does set Peter at the scene of the attack.
  143. Fantastic Four 378 – Immediately after Fantastic Four 377.   Spider-Man’s role is small.
  144. Amazing Spider-Man 376 – First talk of MJ’s soap character potentially being killed off.
  145. Amazing Spider-Man 377 – Immediately after Amazing Spider-Man 376.
  146. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1993 (#27) – Story one features Spider-Man. Story 2 – Black Cat. Direct reference to Web of Spider-Man Annual 8.  No Spider-Man.  Story 3 – Trial of Curt Conners.  Peter and Spider-Man take the stand.  Story 4 – John Jameson.  No Spider-Man.
  147. Spectacular Spider-Man 197
  148. Spectacular Spider-Man 198 – Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 197.
  149. Spectacular Spider-Man 199 – Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 198.
  150. Spectacular Spider-Man 200 – Immediately after Spectacular Spider-Man 199. There are several times where “days pass”, even weeks.  Peter and MJ planning to move apartments.  Death Harry Osborn.
  151. Alpha Flight v1 121 – Direct reference to and has to be after the 1992 Spider-Man/New Warriors annuals.

Be on the lookout for further updates coming soon.  (Hopefully.)  And our friend Tom Kelly did some reworking of the menu structure and the entire chronology to date can be found on the main menu under Special Features->Jimmy Impossible’s Tasks.