September 27, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Marge’s Son Poisoning”

In which Marge tries to figure out how close she and Bart should be.

We’ve had a lot of episodes about the relationship between Homer and Lisa.  Less common is a look at the relationship between Marge and Bart.  This episode does a bit of that.

And gee, Lisa is barely in it.

But wait, there was also this couch gag:

That’s some scary sofa action.

Anyhoo, the Simpsons visit a pier where Marge wants to finally ride that ferris wheel.  And then it explodes, because the place is being closed down.  Marge manages to buy a tandem bike.  Homer buys a strong man’s last dumbbell.  Will Homer ride with Marge?  Uh, no.  He’s just going to do reps with one arm since he only has one dumbbell.

Will anyone ride with Marge?  Bart will once he sees how lonely she is.  And the two ride around, visit tea houses where there’s lots of cake, and everything is working out nicely until Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney call Bart a Mama’s Boy.  Plus, Marge won’t teach them how to smoke.

Now, normally, Marge could just go find Homer, but having only one massive arm means Moe can enter Homer in various arm-wrestling competitions where he can win the grand prize of a refund on the entry fee.  Since that’s about all Homer’s doing, that’s all I’m going to say.

But after a blow-up, Bart asks Marge to come do karaoke with him at school one night because Springfield Elementary does weird stuff on a regular basis to attract every oddball in town that isn’t off on the arm-wrestling circuit.  And while Bart seems to be acting like the perfect son, Marge catches a glimpse of Principal Skinner doing a duet with his mother, and then Marge sees the horrors of anyone being a Mama’s Boy.  She lets Bart get the heck out of there before the worst can happen.  Everyone is happier as a result, though maybe not all the people Bart sprays with that fire extinguisher.

Then Homer comes home because he didn’t care much for arm wrestling anyway.

Huh, not much of an episode.  It may have needed more Lisa.

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