December 6, 2022

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House Of Cards “Chapter Forty-Eight”

Season Four, Episode Nine.

Seen in this episode, a very brief glimpse into Doug Stamper feeling guilty.

Moving on…

Question time:  do the people who make this show actually understand our political process?

Let’s ignore, for a moment, that it is unconstitutional to have a president and vice president from the same state.  No one seems to be bringing that up one way or the other.

Instead, let us consider this episode is set during the Democratic Convention.  Did the Republicans have theirs yet?  They should have.  By tradition, the party in power in the White House goes second.  But did I hear Conway complaining Frank was getting a lot of attention during, you know, Frank’s own convention before Conway got one of his own?

And isn’t is also customary for the other candidate to, you know, understand that no one is paying attention to the other guy!  Why is Conway acting like the convention is somehow stealing attention away from him and to Frank?  Besides the fact that that is what every major party political convention does ever?  It’s like Conway thought the rules would change for him.  There wasn’t any real need for Conway to go to Atlanta to make some press.  He would have had his own convention to do that probably soon.

Funny thing is, I liked this episode.  Tom Yates make a nice speechwriter.  Claire is moving into position as her husband’s running mate.  And man, Catherine Durant actually paid attention to the Underwoods for the last few years and knew she was being set-up as a faux favorite of the Underwoods. Defecting to Conway seems a bit much, but most people who get to know the Underwoods really don’t like them very much.

So, I’ll allow it.

Not like I had any choice there…

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