April 23, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: The Cure For Insomnia Edition

Watson and Ryan talk box office numbers. For an hour. I miss Jenny.

This week on the podcast, Jenny was on vacation.  Good for her.  Everyone should have a nice, tropical vacation.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, that means the podcast was just Ryan and Watson.  And what do Ryan and Watson discuss when it’s just the two of them? Hot chicks?  Muscle cars?  Football results?  Guy stuff?  Nah.

They talk about the goddam box office.

Watson’s idea of how the box office is tabulated.

How do two men discuss other people’s money for an hour?  I mean, I think I’d rather listen to Jimmy discuss his fantasy basketball team.

Jimmy’s still recruiting Michael Jordan every year. He hasn’t done as well the past few years…

Does it mean something that both Ryan and Watson want to discuss other people’s money?  I do not know.  It might be more interesting (emphasis on MIGHT) if they discussed this stuff without going into long, boring detail about their ongoing bet.  And I might be able to overlook that (again, emphasis on MIGHT) if those two bozos don’t consistently ignore my own box office predictions.

Look, just because I used few if any actual numbers and didn’t take it any more seriously than this entire reaction column doesn’t mean they should disregard me.  Sure, some would argue that is actually exactly why they should disregard me, but I think I coined the term “Geekonomics” for them and got no credit on the show.  Or maybe they did and I missed it.  It was so hard paying attention.


Let’s face it, #JennyMath means we don’t get this nonsense when Jenny’s there.