February 27, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Don’t Fear The Roofer”

In which Homer's new best friend may not be a real person.

Apparently, after Stephen Hawking told off the membership of the Springfield branch of Mensa, he moved into town. Now he owns the Little Caesar’s.

Good for him. I think.

There’s a bad leak in the Simpsons’ roof, and Homer’s idea to fix it with Hot Wheels tracks only works for about a minute before the whole thing collapses into a wet mess. With every other member of the family mad at him, Homer departs for Moe’s.

Things get worse because a six-year-in-the-works surprise party for Lenny is ruined by Homer arriving a minute or so before Lenny and setting everything off. Then Homer ruins the cake by sitting on it. Why anyone made a cake that looks like a bar stool I couldn’t say. Maybe next we should wonder why Homer was blamed when no one told him anything. Sheesh, he’s not a mind reader. He does know how to deal with mindreaders, but he isn’t one himself.

That’s some good mind-readin’ right there.

Anyhoo, Homer heads off to find a place where he’ll feel welcome and discovers Hooters. I mean Knockers. Same thing. Anyway, the one-eyed bartender wasn’t very nice, but then Homer met Ray. Ray seems like the kind of man everyone would love, maybe because he was voiced by Ray Romano, but don’t hold me to that. Not only will Ray share his nachos and beer, not only does he like the same sort of jokes Homer does, not only a whole lot of other things, but he’s a roofer, so Homer does some mental math to figure out Ray can fix his roof and share beer in a way that only benefits Homer.

Insert non-existent YouTube clip here.


The long and the short of it is Ray does come to the Simpson house, but only when Marge and the kids are out visiting Grampa at the Retirement Castle. There’s some stuff in there with the dog that’s not worth repeating, but even when Homer and Ray are raining nails on Flanders, no one really sees Ray aside from Homer. Ray takes off before Marge and the kids come back, and the hole in the roof is even worse. Marge even sends Homer to a hardware warehouse place with Bart, and while Homer runs into and chats with Ray, Bart sees Homer talking to thin air. That’s a problem, especially when Ray never returns to finish the roof. Feeling concerned, Marge has Dr. Hibbert take Homer in for six weeks worth of painful electro-shock therapy because Ray clearly doesn’t exist.

And then, when Homer is cured, Ray shows up. Ray’s real. What happened? The bartender couldn’t see Ray because of his eyepatch. Ned didn’t see Ray because he was hiding behind a chimney. And Bart, uh, well, Stephen Hawking has some explanation that Lisa declares feasible, but that seems like a stretch.

The Simpsons do get their roof fixed, but Hibbert did it because of all the electro-shock.

At least Homer got a free eye scraping off that.