February 9, 2023

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A Series Of Unfortunate Events “The Reptile Room: Part Two”

Season One, Episode Four.

This series is rather rough to write up.  I enjoy it quite a bit, but much of the fun comes from rapid fire wordplay, and I’m not really up to transcribing that sort of thing for a wide variety of reasons.

Anyway, let’s finish up the adventure in the Reptile Room.

As promised by Lemony Snicket, nothing good came to Uncle Montgomery in the Reptile Room, though to be really fair, Uncle Montgomery promised nothing bad would happen to the Baudelaires.  He didn’t say anything about himself.  Snickett is still on hand, of course, to explain more vocabulary and cliches for the audience.

As it is, Olaf has got both Klaus and Violet in a bind since he manages to kidnap Sunny already and can threaten the other two into going to Peru where he can somehow still get his hands on the Baudelaire fortune.  He’s prevented from doing so by the timely arrival of Mr. Poe and his perpetual cough running Olaf off the road while still in Montgomery’s driveway.

But, see, this is A Series of Unfortunate Events, which means well-meaning adults like Mr. Poe are rather useless.  All Poe can do is prevent Olaf from leaving while he calls the police.  Olaf meanwhile calls his own people, the acting troop, to pose as the police and the medical examiner.  Yes, the children point out that these are Olaf and his people are in disguise.  Mr. Poe says adults don’t wear disguises unless they are going to a ball or happen to be actors.  And yes, that is when the orphans remind Poe that Olaf and his associates actually are actors.  That still doesn’t work.

It also doesn’t help when Olaf has framed the Incredibly Deadly Viper for Montgomery’s death.  As such, it once again falls to the Baudelaires to save their own backsides.

That involves first sneaking away from Olaf and his large knife while the others keep Poe distracted.  Klaus goes out a window.  Violet takes Sunny out the front door.  Klaus sneaks back inside the Reptile Room and finds Uncle Montgomery’s journal which proves the Incredibly Deadly Viper was named ironically.  The thing is already good friends with Sunny.  Violet gets Sunny to chew a key to Olaf’s luggage and then finds what looks like random junk inside the luggage but she is then able to put the random junk together into a venom-injector weapon, proving Olaf killed Montgomery.  And that would be a bad time for Poe and the children since they were heavily outnumbered by bad people, except the reptiles of the Reptile Room are kinda mad Olaf killed their buddy Montgomery and chase the villains out.  Olaf escapes through a hedge maze where the Baudelaires run into Jacquelyn again, AKA the most competent adult on the show.  She chases Olaf to a steamer ship to Peru, but he manages to escape.  More stuff with the spyglass follows, but really, the end result is Mr. Poe is taking the children next to their Aunt Josephine, the very person Jacquelyn says they need to see next.  We’re told Aunt Josephine is a fierce woman.

Somehow I suspect Olaf will be tricking more people again.

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