March 2, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Mommie Beerest”

In which Marge becomes Moe's business partner.

Funless fact:  spellcheck does not like either word in the episode title.

It also isn’t fond of “funless”.

Something big has happened, namely Homer will have paid off the mortgage.  That’s big enough to have Homer take the family out to a fancy restaurant for brunch.  He may punch out the oatmeal chef, but he’ll be happy there until his kids start having a food fight and Marge shouts at them.  Since it’s brunch, that means the other Simpsons ruined two meals for Homer.  He’s off to Moe’s.

Bad news for Moe:  Moe’s childhood friend the health inspector died mid-inspection.  That means Moe can’t just give the guy a free beer and call it a day.  And because Moe has problems ranging from general squalor to a toilet on his roof, he has to make repairs he can’t afford or close down.  And while Lenny, Carl, and Barney (drunk again) may not mind going to the gay bar across the street, Homer minds, so he’ll take out a brand new mortgage to give Moe enough money to fix his place up.

And then Marge notices.  Her solution?  Go down to Moe’s and make sure he pays them back.

That also means Homer has to stay home with the kids.

Marge has some plans that Moe actually likes, namely turning the dingy old tavern into an English pub, renamed The Nag and Weasel.  Guess who’s the weasel.  Or the nag.  There are only two choices each.  The new pub is a hit with a higher class of clientele and Marge is soon working there multiple nights a week.  She’s found Moe isn’t just a dead-eyed, sweaty hunchback, too.  There’s a lot to like about him.  They talk so much.

Homer, for his part, doesn’t mind so much until Lenny and Carl explain the concept of the emotional affair.  There’s nothing physical involved, but it’s still a bit more satisfying than an old marriage.  Did they need to go to Itchy & Scratchy Land to explain that?  Apparently.

Wait, is this yet another episode where the Simpsons’ marriage is in trouble?  Yes, yes it is.

Homer may be right to be suspicious.  Marge and Moe are going to Aruba for a convention for small restaurant and bar owners.  Homer panics and realizes the thing to do is drive recklessly to the airport and win Marge back.  He does that with some help from Chief Wiggum bending the rules to save Homer’s marriage (not something he would do for Lou or presumably Eddie), and then climbing through the plane’s toilet.  Does he know Marge as well as Moe does?  Not really, but she loves him anyway, and Moe was trying to win her over.

Aruba might be lonely, since Moe only booked a single room to share, but that just means he’s sharing a bed with Homer.  Homer chews in his sleep.  Moe sweats blood.  Seems like a fair trade.  Marge slept on a sofa.  Wait, who’s watching the kids?

Never fear, Bart has assured his sisters that their parents would have no problem with them entering a European hot air balloon race.

So, what happened to the fixed up Tavern?  Probably the same thing that happened to Marge’s super-kitchen.

Stop asking questions with no answers, Jimmy.