May 31, 2023

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Podcast Reaction: The Post Credits Sequence Edition

The Gabbing Geeks are back to discuss the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie. But you should know that by now.

This week on the Podcast, Jenny, Watson, and Ryan discussed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  Now, originally, I was thinking I’d use the reaction column to pick on Watson (again) because of the various folks at Gabbing Geek, he’s the one who’s been most vocal about franchise fatigue, or declining quality in the MCU, and has also been the guy who enjoyed GotG2 the most.  Now, sure, he’d say it was also due to the Marvel Formula being largely absent and for once the MCU having a quality bad guy, but there’s gotta be some irony there.

But then Watson actually told me liked this week’s Misplaced Hero file on Gunfire, so I’ll leave him alone for now.  Usually I don’t get much of any feedback from the other Geeks not named Jimmy.  So, instead, let’s talk about post-credits sequences.

But first, let’s just get a quick Watson joke out of the way and keep the new Podcast Reaction Running Gag going:

Pictured: Watson’s favorite Guardian.

Now, the MCU has made a real art form, if such is the right word, out of the post credits sequence.  Starting with the first Iron Man, there’s been not just the idea of the Post Credits Sequence, but also one that audiences will willingly stay for.

I mean, it’s not as if Marvel invented the things.

Of course, it strikes me that the real purpose of the Post-Credit Scene is to keep people firmly planted in their seats, forcing them to stay through the closing credits and maybe making sure the Best Boy and the Caterer get their names seen by audiences.  Now, we wait, we expect things, and if we don’t get them, oh well.

And then we have people wondering if Howard the Duck was getting his own movie.  No, no he isn’t.  They tried that once.  It didn’t work.  That’s why I’m thinking some of the Geek’s speculation about either the next Guardians movie or Avengers: Infinity War.  And since I don’t want to discuss spoilers for the movie here, since, you know, there’s nothing I would want to bring up right now that the Geeks didn’t already, and besides, as much as I liked GotG2, and the character development was quite good, it doesn’t hold a candle to The Dark Knight or Logan.

Though really, Ryan, Rocket had the least character development?  How did Baby Groot develop more than Rocket?  As much as I adored Baby Groot, he was basically just Baby Groot for the whole movie.  Except, you know, that one moment when he wasn’t.

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