December 6, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Sleeping With The Enemy”

In which Marge takes in Nelson.

Do we expect continuity on this show?  Obviously not, but the Marge of “Bart the Mother” that wanted her kids to stay far away from Nelson Muntz is here the same Marge who lets Nelson move into her house.  How odd.

Also odd:  Bart got 100% on a geography test.  He says he was promised a party if that ever happened.  How did that happen?  Did he cheat off another student?  Take good notes and study?  No.  Mrs. Krabappel confirms its real because she forgot to roll the map up before she handed out the test.  Everyone got a 100.  Bart gets a party.

Actually, Bart gets a very lame party that Marge organizes at the last minute.  It consists of all his various relatives not named Lisa, Martin Prince, and Ralph Wiggum.  Milhouse couldn’t even make it in person because he had a measles, and the speakerphone doesn’t work as well as it could.  Plus, Ralph doesn’t understand that in “Duck Duck Goose,” you have to eventually choose “Goose”.  Bart decides that Marge is just lame.

Lisa isn’t much help either as she just discovered she has the Simpson Butt, and Sherri and Terri are mocking her for it.

Homer’s best reassurance is that soon the kids will be grown and Marge can finally be herself and do what she wants.  Does Homer know Marge has no interests like that?

Marge’s attempts to ingratiate herself with Bart and Lisa don’t work.  Lisa isn’t eating, and Bart wants nothing to do with his mom.  So, Marge does what comes naturally and finds a kid who does:  Nelson.  Nelson is eating tadpoles out of a fountain at the zoo.  Of course he’ll take Lisa’s lunch.  And he’ll hang out with Marge and do some extra chores her kids won’t do, and Nelson needs this as much as Marge since his father never came back after he went out to buy cigarettes, and his cocktail waitress mother (OK, Hooters waitress) is dating Moe.

Then Nelson’s mother leaves to pursue an acting career despite very limited range and the only thing to do is let Nelson move into Bart’s room.  That’s pure hell for Bart since Nelson calls top bunk for a single bed, and then uses his own might to keep Bart in line.  Nelson’s a wreck, but he does help Lisa overcome her starvation problem.  It involves Sherri, Terri, and a skunk.

But how to get Nelson out?  Bart figures out how to do it.  He finds Nelson’s long-lost father.  It turns out the man did go out for cigarettes and was intending to go back since the pack was a gift for his son, but he ate a candy bar full of peanuts.  Being allergic, he swelled up in places and couldn’t talk, and an evil circus kidnapped him for the freak show until Bart found him.  And then Nelson’s mom came back having been cast as Lady Macbeth, a part that does not require toplessness, but she’ll do it anyway.

So, that solves everything, except for Lisa’s weight-based self esteem problems.  That isn’t really the kind of thing that can get solved in a half hour cartoon.

Instead, we’ll just forget about it, like how Marge forgot she wanted Nelson isolated a couple seasons ago.

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