April 18, 2024

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The Wire “Margin Of Error”

Season Four, Episode Six.

OK, who looks more out-of-place as a white politician campaigning by going to a joyous African American church service, Frank Underwood or Tommy Carcetti?  I’d say Carcetti, if only because he’s also Littlefinger, and you know Littlefinger ain’t up to no good.  Plus, he actually does look a little uncomfortable.  Frank is a slime mold of a human being that acts like he belongs everywhere.

So, it’s primary day in Baltimore, and that means some big things are afoot.  Let’s look at how it affects four different characters.


It’s not a good day for Wee Bey’s son.  First he’s sent off to a special class, the one Colvin is working on, where he and nine other troublemakers are getting some sort of special help.  That’s mostly embarrassing all told, even if Colvin did specially request Namond be there.  No, the worst part is Brianna Barksdale, the only Barksdale left outside the prison, is cutting off Namond and his mother.  She still thinks her brother got her son killed, and she isn’t really involved in drugs anymore, so the lavish lifestyle those two have been living for free is over.  Namond’s mother still wants him to go to school–for now–but also wants him out hustling on the street corner since, well, she doesn’t seem to have a job or anything.


Randy has other problems.  He’d been a look-out for what turned out to be a rape and he tends to crack when the threat of calling his foster mother up comes along.  Thing is, Randy knows about a murder, one of Snoop and Chris’ victims, so he cops to that.  That gets Prez involved as a former cop, and he goes to a cop he trusts, Daniels, to look into it.  Daniels assigns Carver, who’s becoming a much better cop.  Better than Herc at any rate considering how badly Herc gets tricked by Marlo seeing as how Marlo is well aware of where the camera is and everything.


It’s actually a good day for Carcetti.  Despite a clumsy smear attack with a fake photo from the mayor’s campaign, he actually manages to win the primary.  He pretty much is going to be the new mayor of Baltimore.  And he’s even being good enough not to cheat on his wife when one of his campaign workers, the same one who briefly dated McNulty, throws herself at him.  Granted, he probably did so for political purposes, but he’s still being good.


As for Omar, he’s in jail.  Well, a holding cell.  That murder charge where the delivery woman was killed was good enough to get him arrested in West Baltimore.  Aside from a slightly flippant attitude, he doesn’t really fight back, but McNulty thinks its a little weird that Omar killed someone outside the drug game and gave the guy a quick phone call.  We know Omar didn’t do this one.  Heck, it wasn’t even his usual MO.  But that doesn’t change the fact he’s locked up, and the police are glad to finally have something on him.

See, this is some of the stuff I dig about The Wire.  The show moves along, juggles multiple storylines all at once, and manages to tell a good story with every episode.  I can’t say the same about some other shows I watch for this site.  I mean, I volunteered myself for this project and chose those shows myself, but the point stands.