January 24, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Co-Dependent’s Day”

In which Marge and Homer discover the joys of mutual drunkenness.

Well, this happened.

So, as the one person who maybe reads this column, and that person may be Jimmy, though at the rate he’s going he won’t see this until May of 2019, I write these pretty far in advance.  This particular column was originally written back on Christmas day, a good five months before it was scheduled to go live.  And, as a result of the timing, I’m a little wary of this one.

Now, normally, I’d rank this as a rather slight episode barely worth a mention aside from it keeps me from mentioning whatever episodes come next, and if I cover 17 seasons, the 18th is free (not really).  I mean, most of this episode has to do with Homer and Marge discovering how much fun it is to drink wine together and get drunk.  Aside from Moe opening a priceless bottle of the stuff from his storage closet, apparently the only wine he owned, and a guest appearance by the polka band Brave Combo (whoever they are), is there much to mention about most of this plot until Homer, fearing the lose of his license after drunkenly flipping his car, switches Marge over to the driver’s seat as she is even drunker and unconscious?  Homer lied, Marge finds out, they get mad, and then they make up and all is forgiven and, since this is The Simpsons, also forgotten.

Except, as of the time of this writing, I saw Passengers a few days ago.  You know, that movie where a guy deceives the woman he says he loves, essentially ruins her life’s plans, and then she just forgives him and they move on.  Even if the episode does have the counselor at the rehab clinic point out how messed up Marge going back to Homer is, it still wasn’t good timing on my part to see this episode just as these rather heavy ideas are weighing me down.  Even if Marge realizes she just likes spending time with Homer more than she does getting drunk, Homer did a very bad thing that shouldn’t be just glossed over.

Well, there is the initial plot where Bart and Lisa go to complain about their experience to the writer/director of a Star Wars type series called Cosmic Wars when the most recent movie was more about space government bureaucracy and has an obnoxious new character that seems like a racial stereotype.

That kind of a movie would truly suck.

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