April 18, 2024

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Epic Spider-Man Rewatch: Spider-Man (1967) S2 E9

Season Two, Episode Nine: "The Evil Sorcerer"

Time for another craptastic season two episode.

Unlike last time, at least this one only recycles the animation of Spider-Man swinging and jumping around.  Not that that makes this a whole lot better.

Like most Spider-Man adventures, this one starts thousands of years ago as sorcerers and demons battle for control of the world.  The “evil” sorcerer (neither of them seem very friendly) is green of course.  I’m sensing a theme here.  I know green is a popular palette of choice for Spider-Man villains: Green Goblin, Scorpion, Sandman, Lizard, Vulture, among others, all have some level of the color in their appearance.  But the fact that almost every villain in this second season is green, has no reasoning.  Especially when they are generally humans and no one thinks twice about their skin color.

In this case, I’m not sure how human the evil Kotep is, but he sure is green and thus evil.  And after a completely out of place (for a Spider-Man cartoon) prologue, manages to get himself turned to stone, only to conveniently appear years later at a museum and/or Peter’s university where a professor of archaeology(?) uses a spell to bring Kotep back to life.  This should work out swimmingly.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker continues his late 60’s swinging ways and is once again asking out the red head of the week, Susan.  You might remember Susan from other failed date attempts as Criminals In The Clouds.  Though Susan has no qualms about running off for coffee with classmate Bob.  Maybe Peter needs to take the hint and move on.  There seem to be lots of red heads for him to hit on.  And he ends up even more unlikely to get with Susan after she accuses him of being a coward when he runs off to “get help” when Kotep begins attacking the professor that revived him, and subsequently the class.  Though our hero Bob leaps into action.

(The Professor sure didn’t waste any time.  He finished his lecture, had a fight with the school dean and went back and performed the ceremony to revive Kotep, all while Susan and Bob were having coffee.)

Peter returns shortly after for his first encounter with Kotep, or as he is confusingly called throughout the show, The Scarlet Scorcer.

Purple is the new scarlet.

Since we need to pad out around 22 minutes instead of this being a more sensible 11 minute story, Spider-Man loses round 1 when Kotep simply vanishes.  

At this point, we get the typical season 2 LSD trip as Kotep hides in the “half world of dark magic” or some such and summons his demons again.  The demons refuse to aid Kotep though, until he proves he is worthy of leadership by defeating Spider-Man.

Kotep creates a giant spider web in Manhattan, which couldn’t obviously be a trap that Spider-Man just causally crawls into and subsequently gets transported away from Manhattan to the land of psychedelic backgrounds.  Cue a few minutes of Spider-Man fighting dragons and fire breathing pterodactyls.

Spider-Man makes his way to Kotep’s castle and the ending is a little anti-climatic.  After all the build up and displays of Koptep’s powers, Spider-Man defeats him by simply stealing his scepter.  Which apparently contains all his power and for some reason self destructs as soon as he looses contact with it.

Kotep is banished to the popular “depths of time” and Spider-Man is returned home.  His reward?  Another dissing by Susan as she runs off arm in arm with Flash Thompson Bob.