July 22, 2024

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Vikings “Two Journeys”

Season Four, Episode Thirteen.

I gotta call BS on this episode title.  It says “Two Journeys,” but there are three distinct plot lines going on!  Does Lagertha’s not count since she doesn’t seem to travel very far?

Seems a wee bit sexist actually.

Well, let’s get that one out of the way then.  Lagertha has decided, you know, NOW, to reclaim Kattegat from that husband-stealing, overly decorative Aslaug.  And so, after using her inside man, er woman, Torvi, to get Ragnar’s last two sons Ubbe and Sigurd out of town and locked up elsewhere, she marches in, killing and all, and then after killing a bunch of people with her personal army, she tells everyone to stop killing because these are her people.

Nice of her to remember that after she slaughtered a bunch of them.  I don’t care how unpopular Aslaug probably is, that wasn’t a good way to win hearts and minds.

So, what are the two journeys?  Well, there’s Bjorn and there’s Ragnar.  Ragnar’s fleet sank, and he has maybe a dozen people left.  There’s him, Ivar, and a bunch of pissed off vikings looking for a plan.  They did somehow land in Wessex, and King Ecbert finds out he’s back, but unless Ragnar has an army of some kind, Ecbert isn’t particularly worried.

In the end, Ragnar has himself and Ivar.  The rest of the survivors were killed by father and son to fulfill whatever quest Ragnar actually has, one that probably will end in him dead.  He gets to bond with his youngest son a bit, telling him how he’s going to be very strong when he stops trying to be normal, and then he walks up to Ecbert’s place and surrenders.

How suicidal is Ragnar anyway?

As for Bjorn, he meets up with Uncle Rollo in Frankia and his whole expedition is sent to the dungeon.  Rollo seems to be doing pretty well.  He’s still married to Gisla.  They have three kids.  Oldest boy seems to be the one Christian That Asshole Floki can tolerate since the kid sticks his tongue out at the vikings.  That Asshole Floki finds that amusing.

As it is, Rollo sent for a cartographer and shows Bjorn a complete map of the old Roman Empire, and how they’d have to sail past Muslim Spain to get there.  All Bjorn wants is permission to sail by.  Rollo will grant it on one condition:  he wants to go too.

See, you take the viking out of Scandinavia, but you can never take the viking out of the viking.  Or something.  There’s a fight with Gisla.  Rollo leaves anyway.  And the others keelhaul him a bit once they’re out on the water, but he lives through it and even seems amused by the whole near drowning incident.  Forgiveness?  Maybe.  Rollo seems to live longer as a result of that sort of thing.

And those are our two journeys, plus one homecoming for Lagertha.  That title needs fixing.