July 21, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”

In which Milhouse moves away, and as a result Bart and Lisa become best friends.

At the start of this episode, the children of Springfield Elementary are on a field trip to the Museum of Radio and TV, where Ned Flanders is an actual character on display in a nosy neighbors exhibit, and we get guest vocal appearances from Isabel Sanford, Dick Tufield, Nick Bakay, and William Daniels.

The last three there are basically reprising the robot from Lost in Space, Salem the cat, and KITT.

Yeah, it’s a field trip, and Milhouse of all people is acting up.  He even mouths off to Mrs. Krabappel, pointing out her name could easily be pronounced “crab apple”.  Apparently, no one noticed before.

Why is Milhouse being so weird?  Well, Luane is moving to Capital City and taking her son with her.  Kirk can’t do a thing about it since he generally sucks.  And poor Bart is now without a best friend.  His first attempt to getting a new one is Ralph Wiggum, and that doesn’t work out too well either.  Heck, Bart finally gets to visit Milhouse only to find his dorky friend has been totally transformed into a city hipster who has “cool” new friends that expert him to give Bart wedgies.

Miserable, Bart ends up hanging out with Lisa.  And the two bond and become the best of friends.  They go exploring, desecrate an Indian burial ground (no better word for it), and all in all, they both seem to prefer hanging out with each other.

You know, until Milhouse comes back.  Kirk got custody rights through pity from a judge.

But Bart makes it up to Lisa with some homemade Monopoly cards.  It’s sweet, and Isabel Sanford concurs.

In the other plot, Homer discovers panhandling can be very lucrative in order to buy Marge real diamonds for an anniversary gift.  And doing so doesn’t upset her too much.

You know, there doesn’t seem to be much here.  Let’s come back next week, shall we?