April 23, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Margical History Tour”

In which Marge recounts history for the kids.

Well, time for another anthology.

Apparently, there’s a school report due in history for all grade levels, so Marge has taken Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse to the local library to do their research.  The problem is there are no unpopular books to be seen since the library is mostly there to provide a space for homeless people to sleep.

As such, the kids turn to Marge to recount what she remembers from history, which may or may not be quite a bit.

Look, do I turn to The Simpsons for historical accuracy?  Of course not.  That’s just silly.

As a result, should I be bothered when Homer, cast as Henry VIII, is smothered in his sleep by vengeful first wife Catherine of Aragon (AKA Marge)?  Nope.  I was amused that Ned Flanders was Thomas More, and that he was canonized by being shot out of a canon.  That’s not very accurate either.

And if Lisa can be Sacagawea to Lenny and Carl’s Lewis and Clark, then there shouldn’t be a big issue there either, even if they ended up back where they started at one point before finally getting to the Pacific Ocean where there may or may not have been mermaids.

But then we get to the last story, where Marge recounts the tale of Mozart and Salieri, here recast as a sibling rivalry between Mozart (Bart) and Salieri (Lisa).  And when that’s done, Lisa butts in to say Marge’s recount of history seems based more on the historically inaccurate movie Amadeus.  So, really, after the first two, that last one was a bridge too far, Lisa?  If you know so much, why’d you need to go to the library in the first place, huh?

Well, Homer was happy since he got to go home and watch Animal House.  And we all learned something.

Nothing good happens to Moe anytime he appears in the past.