April 19, 2024

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True Detective “Black Maps And Motel Rooms”

Season Two, Episode Seven.

As much as I’ve been enjoying season two of True Detective, much more than I thought I would have, there’s been so much happening that I have neglected to mention many things.

And many of those things I neglected to mention here were important.

So, basically, here’s what happened.

During a 1992 robbery, four blue diamonds were stolen by some cops from a married couple that owned a shop.  The couple were murdered.  Their two kids survived by hiding in a cupboard.  They seem to have seen the whole thing.  The cops involved all used those diamonds to set themselves up in Vinci and live the good life.  Ben Caspere was their accountant.  Of the two kids, Ani and Ray met one on that movie set they visited.  She was Caspere’s former secretary.  And she may have been one of the women in a photo Ani got for her missing person’s case.

By the by, that missing person didn’t want to go back, and now she has to since Ani put her life in danger by “rescuing” her.  Some people want to live the life of a high-priced call girl it seems.

As for the rest of the corruption in Vinci, the mayor’s sleazeball son is working with that gubernatorial candidate and a good chunk of the Vinci government (aside from his father) plus one of Frank’s top lieutenants to partner with the Russian mob to take over a lot of the dirty business in Vinci.  That includes buying out all of Frank’s holdings and taking the wannabe reformed mobster for all he’s worth.  Frank had been suspicious of Blake the lieutenant and asked Ray to tail the guy.  Turned out Blake was the guy to finger the wrong guy as the man who raped Ray’s ex-wife all those years ago.  It also turns out that the Russians have got most of Frank’s people on their side.

By the by, none of these people killed Caspere.  That’s still unknown.  Russian mobsters and corrupt city officials are all over doing all kinds of awful things, but none of them killed Caspere.

But when you push at powerful people, they can push back.  Ani has an APB on her for the death of the security guard she killed at the party.  Ray was framed for the murder of that State’s Attorney that assigned the three to find out who killed Caspere in the first place.  Paul is getting blackmail photos on his phone.  As Ani and Paul scramble to get their loved ones to safety somewhere, meaning Paul’s fiancé and mother finally met and actually seemed to hit it off, we have some movement going on to keep things secure from the one guy who seems to know what he’s doing.

That’s Frank.  He knew how to get some fast cash.  He’s sending his wife and one trusted lieutenant to another country until the heat dies down, planning to join them as soon as he can.  He killed Blake.  He got some tickets to South America for his wife and her bodyguard.  He got some fake passports from old business associates and advised them to get out town while they could because the Russians are coming.  And then after the Russians took over his casino, he faked a gas leak, took every dime of hard cash he could, and blew the casinos to kingdom come.

Now if only there were a better actor for that role playing Frank.

Also, Ray and Ani have sex.  Because they actually seem to like each other.

And Paul goes off to find his blackmailer.  They don’t care that he’s gay.  They want the stolen papers back.  And Paul manages to slip away, kill three of them, and then…die himself when the man at the door shoots him in the back.

You know, that might have meant something if Paul had ever been developed better as a character.