December 1, 2022

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The OA “Forking Paths”

Season One, Episode Six.

Well, that was a short episode.  I see the transgender kid Buck’s dad shut the front door.  Why do the doors need to be open anyway?  I mean, most everything else seems to be explained so far, but much of the stuff outside the flashbacks still seems almost like padding at this point.

Seriously, this episode was only a half hour long.  That’s pretty brief.  What happened?  Well, Hap went to talk to his mentor, another creepy scientist guy that is conducting more or less the exact same experiments in a somewhat abandoned wing of a big city hospital.  That led to the mentor wanting Hap’s research and being willing to kill for it, so Hap killed the guy in self-defense.

But see, Hap is trying to learn the movements, and he’s been watching the others who are all working towards getting all five.  He offers Prairie a chance to use the movements to cure rich people and make a lot of money, which means he still totally misses the point of all this spiritual stuff.  Trying to quantify the afterlife for fun and profit ain’t really the captives’ thang.

Besides, during another Near Death Experience, OA can’t find her spiritual advisor Khatun in that starry realm, though Hap managed to get the sound right as the rings of Saturn.  Then he was so distracted, he didn’t hear the local sheriff showing up and learning Hap had a bunch of prisoners in his basement.  That tends to bother people.

So, yeah, mysteries are being solved, but I’m still not sure to what purpose.  I mean, I know the basic purpose (repeat the movements, open a dimensional gateway, bring Homer back from wherever), but did this show really need all this time to get to that?  Nothing here has been bad per se, but it also has stretches where it isn’t compelling.  I know I have two more episodes to go.  Will it end in a way that would have me come back for a second season.  And, for that matter, what sort of show is this?  Does it need a second season?  I get that a lot of this is more artistic than most genre shows, but that still doesn’t mean I don’t feel like The OA isn’t spinning its wheels whenever it has to deal with the teenagers and the lonely high school teacher in the present.  There’s a lot to like about The OA; I’m just not sure it’s enough to justify a lot of what’s been going on.

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