February 26, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Marge Vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples And Teens, And Gays”

In which Marge goes to war with a Political Action Committee.

This episode opens with a bit where the Crocodile Hunter gets killed by a crocodile.

Um, that joke didn’t age well.

Maggie has a new interest.  Or possibly an interest because at her age, she may not have had too many others beforehand.  Her interest is in children’s singer Roofi, not to be confused with Raffi, who later condemns Roofi for events that occur later.  As it is, Maggie will listen or watch nothing but Roofi’s very juvenile songs to the consternation of everyone but Marge.  Why does Marge dig it?  Beats me.  But she and her baby daughter are rocking out, and both seem pleased to learn Roofi will be playing for one performance only at Cletus’ farm.  Cue the Woodstock jokes with babies.

But it’s not a good day out there.  It rains, which makes many of the babies miserable.  And it turns out Roofi isn’t very child friendly particularly when he gets nailed in the head with a milk bottle.  There’s nothing left to do but have Chief Wiggum, Eddie, and Lou go wading into the baby riot with their batons.

That’s wrong on so many levels.  Fortunately, the babies overwhelm the cops.  That’s wrong on a few less levels.

But all this evidence of babies breaking things leads to a town meeting where Lindsay Naegle is given the floor.  She’s announcing a new group that’s opposed to, well, paying for all the damage kids do.  They are SSCCATAGAPP, or Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples And Teens, And Gays Against Parasitic Parents.  Marge gets shouted down, and Homer learns they changed the rules of the game midway through when all the family protection stuff in Springfield is abolished.  Children’s menus?  Gone.  The school bus?  It’s taking the elderly to Atlantic City now.  Kids who make noise in public?  They get tasered.

Quimby’s not kidding on that one.

Yes, it seems Naegle does believe children are the future, but this is the present which is her time to shine.

Marge is aghast, and tries to change Naegle’s mind by bringing out Lisa.  Lisa is effective!  Then Bart shows up with a smelly Maggie and that’s the end of that.  Marge has no choice but to get a town referendum going.  She forms her own group:  PPASSCCCATAG.  That’s Proud Parents Against Singles…you know what, I am not typing that out again.

Marge does manage to get the signatures she needs when Mr. Burns signs her petition.  After all, rich people only want what’s best for everybody.  But she isn’t doing well in the polls, particularly when SSCCATAGPP makes slick ads saying Marge’s “Families Come First” act is bad for families, and an obvious Marge impersonator is included to say no to Marge’s own bill before doing coke off a knife blade.  Marge feels defeated.

But when Marge feels defeated, then it’s Homer’s turn to step up.  He makes his own ad…full of misspellings and other problems.  Homer may be Marge’s rock, but he wasn’t kidding when he said he’d drag her down with him forever.

Will anyone stop the childless?  Well, yeah.  Bart and Lisa can.  They get every kid in town to hug the counter-votes.  What does that do?  Incapacitate them all with common childhood germs.  Marge’s initiative wins.  And to celebrate, Homer is going to dump his kids at a R-rated movie and take Marge somewhere nice.

And yes, Bart can bring his laser pointer.