January 22, 2022

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True Detective “Church In Ruins”

Season Two, Episode Six.

So, I gotta say, I think a lot happened in this episode, but I have no idea how much I would want to talk about.

I think I’m on-record for saying that season two was better than its reputation, or at least better than I thought it would be.  It’s still a bit problematic.  It still miscast Frank Semyon.  It still doesn’t seem to have any reason for Paul to be here at all since he’s something of a blank slate.  But the thing is, I’m actually enjoying this more than I thought I would.  That’s…something.

So, while the whole Ray/Frank thing amounted to a tense stand-off that had 50% of a good performance, the bottom line is Frank gave Ray the name of a man Frank claims he thought was the rapist who assaulted Ray’s ex-wife.  Either Frank was wrong, or Frank wanted the guy whose name he did give to Ray to die.  He claims the former.  Ray opts to believe that.  And it looks like Frank will let Ray out of the crime syndicate business provided they do a little more for each other.  Ray will get the name of the man who gave the name to Frank of the wrong rapist, and Frank will track down the missing girl who had what looked like Caspere’s money.  That actually goes somewhere, and where it goes is bad when some other criminal types do find the girl and get her in touch with Frank after Frank makes a few concessions, but the girl is dead when Frank arrives and he’s heavily outnumbered.  Basically, it sucks to be Frank at that moment.

He’s not a very effective crime boss, is he?

On the other end of things, Ani is going to one of those parties for hookers and state big wigs while posing as her more, shall we say, free-spirited sister. With a tracker in her shoe, the only way for anyone to follow her, Ray and Paul follow and sneak up to the house in time to overhear people Frank had been dealing with are working together to screw over everybody.  Paul goes all commando and manages to get copies of the contracts, so there’s some progress there.

But as for Ani, she’s given a drug that makes her a bit woozy.  She does spot that States Attorney running for governor, plus several high-ranking people from Vinci.  She also spots her missing person and tries to take that woman home.  That goes poorly when a man looking for a good time with Ani won’t let go until she pops him in the throat.  The next guy needs a bit more persuading, and the knife Ani grabbed from the buffet, combined with Ani’s regular exercise with knives in general, means she probably killed the man, and she, Paul, Ray, and the formerly missing girl barely get away.

But worth noting:  Ani’s longtime problems with intimacy and so forth can maybe be traced to an incident she seemed to be remembering from her commune childhood in the form of possible molestation with a long-haired sleaze ball.  Combine that with Ray ceding his end of the custody battle with his son so long as his ex never tell the boy that Ray might not have been his dad, and we have a somewhat sad episode for all involved amongst the characters I care about even a little.

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