November 27, 2022

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The OA “Paradise”

Season One, Episode Five.

So, this episode opens in a flashback, runs for fifteen minutes, then cuts to the present where the five plus Prairie are doing…whatever.

Really, the stuff in the present day that doesn’t involve Prairie being her OA self is kind of, what’s the word I’m looking for…boring?  Yeah.  I don’t see the point to a lot of that stuff aside from giving personality to these characters, but it’s uneven.  The trans one mostly just hangs out with the others and sings with an a cappella group as far as I can tell.

But the flashbacks?  There’s some interesting stuff there.  The OA may not be the most…logical of shows, but it sure does have its stuff together.  Dr. Hap maybe was keeping more tabs on his prisoners than I thought, and he has a new target in the form of a Cuban musician.  And by that, I mean the woman lives in Cuba.  Hap wants her for his experiments, and she’s not interested in joining a research group.  He also notices Prairie and Homer doing the movements that are supposed to do…something.  Since he can’t control the group, Hap realizes he has to break them, and to that, he takes Homer with him on an expedition to pick up the new “patient” Renata.

Homer tries to escape, but he clearly doesn’t know where he is.  He doesn’t speak Spanish.  The FBI would never find the others before they starved to death, and even if Homer did escape, he has no idea where the lab is.  And when Renata basically seduces him, Hap plays the audio for the others, which kills Prairie’s spirit.

And then comes the big moment.  Hap picks Scott for his latest test, and Scott believes the new test will kill him with his illness being so bad.  Scott tells Hap everything he can think of to get out of the test, including that Prairie isn’t blind anymore.  It doesn’t exactly work.  In fact, Hap causes more permanent damage that kills Scott outright, then dumps Scott’s body in his cell to show up Prairie some more.

Then she and Homer do the movements all night and revive Scott.  He was dead all night, then he got better.  And now Scott believes.  They need five to do the movements, and that will open a doorway to another dimension.

Hap knows all this, so, yeah.

So, that’s what she needs the five for?  To do the movements and free the other test subjects, particularly Homer, from that dimension they apparently all went to.

Why do they have to leave their front door open for this story anyway?  I finally get the point of the long story and why the OA needs five, but now I’m wondering why it took so long to tell this much.

See?  Not the most logical of shows.

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