May 26, 2024

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Godzilla Week Day Three: Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus

Godzilla fights a giant dragonfly and the human build a black hole weapon. You know the drill.

I got the idea for a Godzilla week from my Starz app.  They had a bunch of Godzilla movies set aside in their movie lists, but none from before the 90s.  As such, well, we get stuff like Godzilla vs. Megaguirus.

You know what this movie did?  This one actually explained some stuff that showed, when Godzilla regularly wades onshore, that the people of Japan learn things!  Godzilla loves nuclear reactors!  So don’t have any!  Keeping up the environmental themes of the later films, Japan switches over to clean, renewable energy caused by the maybe-MacGuffin “plasma energy”.  And Japan moved its capital from Tokyo to Osaka!  See, they learn!

Well, they mostly learn.  It looks like people moved back to Tokyo when Godzilla stopped coming around so regularly, but then he came back.  At about that time, the usual assortment of forgettable human characters that take the form of scientists, soldiers, and government officials build a black hole generating weapon that makes a temporary, small black hole that could maybe suck Godzilla in.

It also opens temporary wormholes that brought a giant dragonfly egg to Earth.  Though there is a swarm of the giant buggers, the really big one is the queen Megaguirus, who can siphon off Godzilla’s atomic fire from a stinger in her tail and fly too fast for Godzilla to hit her right away.  For much of the final confrontation, Megaguirus actually makes a good fight of it with Godzilla before ultimately losing as all opponents of Godzilla seem to do.

I was somewhat enjoying this one more, but this one came out in 2000, a year after Godzilla 2000, and the monster effects seem to have taken a step back since that movie.  See, keeping these guys in the dark actually helps.  Seven out of ten vengeful military women.