April 17, 2024

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True Detective “Other Lives”

Season Two, Episode Five.

So, I think I’ve been following the mystery OK for season two, but as I do these write-ups, I never know which details are truly worth mentioning.  As such, Frank berating an underling, or how a minor character that was somewhat helping the Caspere investigation getting killed in episode four’s shoot-out don’t get much of a mention, and yet these things were more important than I might have been led to believe.

So, here’s what we know for sure.  It’s two months after the shoot-out.  Ray quit the force and is now “security” for Frank while still fighting for custody of his son.  Ani has been demoted temporarily to the evidence room and is the only woman in a anti-sexual harassment therapy group.  Paul was promoted to desk work and is fighting both his mother for his money and his accuser from when he was still a bike cop.  He misses being a bike cop.  Frank seems to be mostly back in mobster world.  And one of the state’s attorneys investigating the Caspere case is satisfied the guy they killed at the end of the shoot-out was Caspere’s killer, and he’s just announced he’s running for governor.

Where did he get that big war chest, by the way?

So, really, things have moved on.  Frank and his wife even make up as he promises her to try harder about going straight and he changes his mind on the whole “adopt a baby” thing.

But there’s stuff afoot.  Frank’s shady minion, one he asked Ray to follow, is picking up girls for some reason with the mayor’s creepy son.

But there was a second ADA looking into the murder, and she asks Ray, Ani, and Paul to work quietly to finish the case.  She doesn’t believe they ever found Caspere’s murderer.  There was a computer hard drive with a camera that disappeared from the house Ray was shot in, and besides, if the guys involved in the shoot-out had shot Ray, he’d probably be dead instead of knocked out.  Ani wants out of the evidence locker, so she’ll take vacation time to pretend she’s going somewhere.  Paul hates desk duty, so he’s in.  Ray takes some convincing, but then he finds out that the rumor he killed his wife’s rapist isn’t true.  His ex-wife’s rapist was arrested recently, and DNA confirmed it.

So who was that guy Frank fingered as Ray’s target?

That was the incident that both corrupted Ray and ruined his marriage after all.  He’s going to have a chat with Frank about that next episode.

But here’s where we’re getting so far…

  • Ray roughs up that sleazy psychologist to prove the guy’s been doing plastic surgery on women who act as prostitutes in various private parties for important people.  Since the doctor was proven to know the mayor and Caspere for a long time, it isn’t surprising he still knows stuff.  And Ray doesn’t mind getting rough.
  • Paul discovers some diamonds that were connected to Caspere had been investigated earlier by that cop I mentioned above that got killed in the shoot-out.  Said cop just never told Ani or Paul.
  • Ani reaches out to her sister as a connection to find out when these parties take place so she can crash one.
  • And finally, she and Paul go to the town near the commune Ani grew up in was located, the same one Creepy Psychologist, Caspere, and the mayor all used to hang at.  They find an address that popped up in numerous places once they knew where to look, and spotting carrion birds in the distance leads to what is definitely a murder shack.

No bodies were found, but there sure was enough splashed blood.  See, this is going somewhere.  It’s still far from perfect television, but I wouldn’t call it bad or anything.