July 18, 2024

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Bento Review: Bloodshot Reborn

Valiant hero Bloodshot comes out of retirement against his will in this fantastic first volume.

I don’t think I’ve been shy about saying how much I generally enjoy Valiant’s books these days.

But then I got Bloodshot Reborn‘s first volume, Colorado, and it may be the single best Valiant book I’ve read so far.

Bloodshot, as he first appeared in the revived Valiant Universe, was a white-skinned, red-eyed man with a lot of guns and fighting skills, his blood coursing with nanites that healed even the worst injuries.  Sometime at the end of his first series, Bloodshot had met and fallen in love with the Earth’s geomancer, a woman named Kay.  Kay died, but her parting gift to Bloodshot was to remove the nanites from his blood, transforming him into an ordinary man.

And though the former Bloodshot has a file with his record in it, he’s afraid to open it and find out who he once was.  As such, he took one of his old identities, Ray Garrison, and went to work at a small motel in the middle of Colorado.  Everything seems to be going theoretically well for Ray until he hears on the news that someone else just popped up with the nanites and shot up a movie theater.  Then he starts seeing Kay again, as she urges him to go back to his old ways.  So too does he start seeing some smaller, cartoonish, juvenile version of Bloodshot calling himself Bloodsquirt.  Though Ray dreads becoming Bloodshot again, spending his nights trying to drink or snort his way to forgetfulness, he also may be the only person who can stop the new Bloodshot…or anyone else showing those abilities.

I’ve been digging Valiant’s work for a while now, but this volume takes the proverbial cake.  Rising comics superstar Jeff Lemire wrote the volume, and the artwork by Mico Suayan (issues 1-4) and Raul Allen (issue 5) was just plain gorgeous.  Valiant also, as noted on the artwork credits, put five issues instead of the usual four into the trade, creating a much more satisfying storyarc.  The book never felt rushed or like it ended early.  I was probably going to finish the first Bloodshot series anyway, but knowing this series came next makes me even more inclined to go forward.  Ten out of ten lethal cartoon characters.

NEXT BOX:  Well, that does it for this month’s box.  That sure went quick.  Next month’s theme is “Don’t get mad, get even.”  That sounds rather awesome, actually.