July 21, 2024

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Bento Review: Halo Escalation

Dark Horse adapts the popular video game series for this graphic novel.

Comic Bento’s theme for this month was “Coming out of Retirement”.  Nothing of the sort happens in Dark Horse’s Halo Escalation, licensed and based on the popular video game.  The post card attached says the theme works because whoever chose this month’s books came out of a video game retirement for a Halo game, and this was the result.

Yeah, sounds like a stretch to me, too.

Not pictured: Master Chief

I really don’t know much of anything about the world of Halo.  Video games are one of my big geek blind spots, and I’ve never played a single second of any Halo game.  I have a couple younger cousins who used to play the PvP version all the time, and I always thought it looked rather dull, but then again, I wasn’t the one playing.

As a result, much of what was being discussed here was a mystery to me.  I know Master Chief is the hero of the game, and this comic only talks about him a couple times.  He does not appear anywhere in the book.

So, knowing nothing about Halo, I can’t say much here.  It was a somewhat standard space opera type story, but I spent a lot of time wondering who certain people were, and I mean that in the sense of wondering if they were major players in Master Chief’s adventures or just people living in his fictional universe having their own adventures.  There are aliens, traitors, aborted peace negotiations, sabotage, and tough guys and gals in body armor.  Neither Chris Schlerf’s script not Sergio Arino’s and Ricardo Sanchez’s artwork did much for me.  It wasn’t bad, but would probably work much better for fans of the game.

This is why I don’t ever seem to care for the licensed books Comic Bento sends my way.  Seven out of ten daring reporters wanting a Master Chief scoop.

NEXT BOOK:  Well, we got something from Valiant:  Bloodshot Reborn.  Now that fits the theme and sounds promising!