December 5, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “C.E.D’oh”

In which Homer takes over the Power Plant.

A Valentine’s Day gone wrong leads to financial success and missed opportunities.  That sounds almost like a fortune cookie.  Best add “in bed” and find out if it works.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day, as mentioned above, and Homer believes he’s gonna score.  Too bad Marge is just too tired.  Homer tries his special mixed tape, but it just plays a lullaby.  That’s what happens when you grab Maggie’s mix tape by mistake.

Maggie seems to be really enjoying that Tom Jones song.

Dejected, Homer wanders off and sees what looks like everyone getting lucky but him.  Maybe if he looked closer, he’d see that prison silhouette is actually a shanking, but Homer doesn’t care.  He ends up at the Springfield Learning Annex and opts to take a class.  The first class is for stripping for your wife.  It’s taught by Dr. Hibbert.  Homer gets kicked out for using up all the oil, but then he slides into “Successmanship 101”.  I don’t think that’s a word.  But the guy teaching it handed out a book he wrote, and Homer took those lessons to heart.  Lesson one was to treat each day like it was your last.  Homer does that by crying on the side of the road.  The next step is to let nothing get in his way.  That means making up for missed Valentine’s Day sex once he gets his breath back trying to carry Marge up the stairs.

With his newfound attitude, Homer wants a promotion at work.  He makes a list of suggestions for improvements and Mr. Burns rewards him by dropping him into a pool full of electric eels.  I hate when that happens.

Homer’s looking for revenge when he overhears Burns telling Smithers that the nuclear waste dumped in Legoland won’t be a problem since the plant legally belongs to a canary.  The employee flow chart shows it.  Homer’s at the bottom of the chart, just behind an inanimate carbon rod.

That just means Homer and Bart can sneak in and let the canary out to fly to the Canary Islands.

That also means Homer can panic Burns with news of an impending government inspection and then get Homer to act as a patsy for when everything goes wrong.  But Homer lied about the inspection, and now he runs the plant.  First act:  fire Burns.  Burns actually applauds him.

But running the plant is no fun.  Homer’s missing everything at home.  So, when Burns returns from a trip to Morocco without Smithers (he shouldn’t have bought Mr. Burns that opium), Burns takes Homer to the local cemetery where everyone Burns loves died without him.  Homer’s about to give the plant back as it is when he’s hit with the blow dart.  Good thing Burns is so weak, he can’t possibly brick up that mausoleum before Homer wakes up.  So, everything goes back to normal as Homer strangles Bart in a public place during a father-son baseball game.

Now maybe we can see about getting Smithers out of that Turkish prison for drug smuggling.

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