April 19, 2024

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True Detective “Maybe Tomorrow”

Season Two, Episode Three.

So, I was watching this episode, and it struck me that it wasn’t a bad hour of television.  The biggest problem with season two, judging by this episode, is it just isn’t as good as season one.

Take, for example, the problem of parenthood.  We’ve met Ani’s hippie father and Paul’s white trash (for lack of a better description) mother, and this episode shows us Ray’s dad and Frank is balking while trying to do in vitro for his wife.

Ray’s dad is a bit interesting, since it looks like the apple did not fall far from the tree.  Dear old dad is every bit the drunk his son is, and a former cop to boot.  There’s talk of the older Velcoro’s badge and what to do with it, and we know Ray has a bond with the kid he wants to believe is his son.  That comes to a head when his ex shows up with a cash payment to get him to move since the state PD came to her looking for information on Ray.

That’s not a good thing considering Ray was shot last week.  Lucky for him, it was with rubber buckshot, used by cops during riots.  That isn’t the sort of thing that usually gets into other people’s hands.

And while Frank works to rebuild his empire using methods he’d hoped he’d left behind, Ani and Paul visit the Mayor of Vinci’s house, where his kids are nuts and his trophy wife is drunk or high or both.

That prompts an interesting side cutting scene of Ani’s superiors wanting dirt on Ray to try and turn him for state’s evidence while the Mayor rants and raves that he wants Ani gone.

Oddly enough, Ani and Ray seem to be supporting each other.

As for Paul, well, it’s being hinted harder and harder he’s gay, but Ani sends him to look into the prostitute angle since he’s handsome and might get somewhere.  Paul’s success only comes with male escorts in the same club where Frank is performing dental surgery on a guy who mouthed off a little too much.

As for Ani and Ray, they find out Caspere was hanging around movie sets and a car went missing from there, possibly the same car used to transport Caspere’s body.  While talking to a driver who quit, a giant fireball goes up.  It’s the car they’re looking for, and the two spot a masked man making a getaway.  While the two chase the guy through a homeless camp, he ultimately gets away when he crosses a road and Ani, lining up a shot, is almost hit by a truck.  Ray manages to save her life and asks what the state has on him.  She doesn’t know.

See, this is an improvement, though it’s still no season one.  Still too many characters, and not enough suspects.