July 16, 2024

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House Of Cards “Chapter Thirty-Seven”

Season Three, Episode Eleven.

For the life of me, why does anyone stay loyal to Frank Underwood if they actually have spent time in the same room with him?

That’s the thought that occurs to me as I watch this episode.  Frank has a debate with Jackie (who’s on his side) and Dunbar (his only real competition for the nomination), and Jackie is basically told to be the attack dog so Frank can be presidential.  Jackie tries to cut a deal with Dunbar, but Dunbar won’t offer anything.  And then Frank counters one of the pre-arranged Dunbar attacks right back at Jackie, throwing her under a bus.  And when she basically complains about it, he tells her off.

Jackie does drop out of the race as planned, but she endorses Dunbar, not Frank.  And Remy quits the Chief of Staff position at about the same time Sleazy Seth is complaining about Jackie’s turncoat ways.

Heck, we saw Freddy having a friendly chat with Frank from the Oval Office, and after Frank departs, Freddy tells Remy that Frank’s a snake that can’t change his ways.

And we even learn Claire re-evaluates her marriage every few years.

Why, then, can Frank get people to do what he wants when he constantly pushes people away?

Maybe that’s the point right now:  he can’t.

He’ll still probably pull out a victory of some kind for the season.  He always does.

But then again, Frank has the undying loyalty of people like Sleazy Seth, Doug Stamper, and that Secret Service agent.  Maybe it says more about those guys than it does about Frank at this point.