July 20, 2024

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True Detective “Night Finds You”

Season Two, Episode Two.

Yeah, what the hell happened to this show?

I’m having a hard time caring for this story.  There’s a lot here I can admire.  The way the different characters go about getting information is rather clever, and there’s some sort of interesting conversations…but I can’t bring myself to care for these characters.  It might work better without Vince Vaughn’s Frank, but that could be true even without Vaughn’s obvious miscasting.

But, again, I’m not quitting.  Maybe it gets better once we get through all eight episodes.

So, here’s where we stand…

Ray may be crooked, but he’s a good detective.  He can see that the town of Vinci and maybe even the state don’t really care who murdered Caspere.  He says as much to Ani, and she asks him point blank how compromised he is.  He won’t answer.  He also doesn’t want to be the chief of police in this town where the main product currently is toxic waste processing.  Frank wants him there.  Frank owns him.  Ray tries getting out and all it gets him are some threats and an order to investigate Caspere’s other house.  That looks to be the place where Caspere had his eyes eaten away by acid and maybe where he had his genitals blown off with a shotgun.

How’d Frank get that information?  Well, he had his boys rough up a guy who knew stuff, and then he went in for the soft touch with the hint of malice underlying it.  That gave him the knowledge Caspere loved hookers, and using more underworld contacts, he got the address.

Why does Frank care?  Caspere laundered something like $5 million in Frank’s money, and even the mayor of Vinci can give Frank guff now.  He’ll do his own investigation.

Meanwhile, Paul is told he has to work the case to get out of trouble, maybe making detective when he’s done.  He’d rather just get back to his motorcycle.  His mom is weird, he loses a suspicious girlfriend but he also doesn’t want to talk about, oh, anything.  Why we should care for a guy who hasn’t said anything is beyond me, but here we are.

Ani, meanwhile, working with Ray has some interesting ideas on how hard it is to be a woman cop, but a stop at Caspere’s psychologist yields some results since the doc knows her hippie father.  She’s not really looking too hard at Caspere since the state wants more dirt on corruption in Vinci itself.

And Ray?  He’s smart enough to ask whether or not the mayor wants the murder solved.  They don’t much care.  They just want to keep what they have going private.  And though Frank can extort Ray into going alone to Caspere’s second place, that doesn’t help when a nut in a bird mask shoots Ray twice with a shotgun, once at point blank range.

Would True Detective kill off the top-billed actor’s character in the second episode?  Probably not.