December 1, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Large Marge”

In which Marge gets some accidental implants.

The Baha Men sang a version of their one hit over the closing credits. Who let the dogs out indeed.

After Homer loses a bet over whether or not Dewey defeated Truman in 1948, Lisa gets to pick a weekend activity for the two of them. That would be building houses for the poor alongside a few former presidents. And then Bush, Carter, and Clinton somehow turn into the Three Stooges. Yes, Clinton was Curly.

But Homer takes his wedding ring off to protect it from paint and that attracts single ladies Lindsay Naegle and Cookie Kwan. Marge rides up just in time to see Homer doing some weird flexing and assumes he’s flirting. How odd. No, in reality Homer was recreating Marge in labor, and the women appreciate how much Homer cares for his wife and kids. Context really helps, Marge.

Marge’s concerns about whether or not Homer finds her attractive are not exactly assuaged when Homer falls asleep just before sex, so Marge consults Manjula (Jan Hooks again) for advice on keeping her man’s interest and is surprised when Manjula manages to grab a few handfuls of fat on Marge. Clearly she needs to lose some weight.

Yes, in the Simpson household, it is Marge who needs to lose weight.

As such, Marge goes for some quick liposuction. The problem is the doctor gets mixed up and gives Marge the breast implants intended for Mayor Quimby’s assistant. Now Marge is, well, bigger.

While all this is going on, Bart and Milhouse find an old episode of Batman and are surprised to see that Adam West and Burt Ward’s caped crusaders are battling Krusty the Clown. Krusty was guest-starring as that make-up covered Bat-foe the Jok…Clownface. Yes, it was Clownface.

As it is, Bart and Milhouse get the idea to recreate Clownface’s Bat-trap involving a merry-go-round. But the whole thing goes wrong and Milhouse goes spinning out of control, knocks down the flag in front of a group of Iwo Jima veterans, and then vomits on said flag. Caught, Bart says he got the idea from Krusty. So now Krusty is in trouble and has to do safety messages on his show that nobody likes.

As for things everybody likes, Homer is enjoying the new implants, and Marge’s new chest not only gets the family a good seat at a crowded restaurant, but also a modeling contract. Marge decides to keep the new boobs for the time being, despite the fact they cause her back pain, and she can’t seem to open a cabinet or lift Maggie anymore. She’s also getting ogled through her windows by every creep in town, plus Bill Clinton.

Naturally, Bart decides to fix Krusty’s problem by getting Krusty to save Milhouse from Stampy the elephant at the shoe expo. All Krusty has to do is shout Stampy safe word of “Mujumbo”. Of course Krusty forgets the word, and since Stampy is a remarkably carnivorous elephant, he stuffs Milhouse, Bart, and even Homer in his mouth. To save the guys, Marge has to distract the cops by flashing the entire expo. Krusty sees the mujumbos on Marge and remembers the safe word. No one gets eaten by an elephant.

So, Marge gets the implants out and I guess Krusty’s career is fixed. Some things just aren’t elaborated on that much.

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