July 13, 2024

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Gabtastic Geekchat: Logan (OBVIOUSLY HAS SPOILERS)

All the Geeks loved Logan. But are they in-love with Logan? See the results of a five way chat about the best superhero movie so far this year.

Five Geek went to see Logan last week.  A sixth, Greg, went this week, but we don’t have his thoughts yet.  My guess is he’s still trying to pick his jaw up off the sticky movie theater floor.

In the meantime, the Geeks converged for a Gabtastic Geekchat (trademark pending) as they expressed awe and admiration for a movie you probably should have seen by now if you’re reading a Geek website.  See the chat, but be aware, we got SPOILER APLENTY from here.

Tom arrives first, the benefit of going the opening night and being a time zone ahead of anyone who isn’t Canadian…

tomk:  Hellllllooooooo….? Anyone there?

Jenny appears, totally into all things X…

To be fair, Jenny looks this happy all the time.

jenny:  Omg.

I just got out of Logan. Holy [adult language involving round objects of questionable matter]!

You guys, that was incredible!

I know it’s late, so I’ll come back in the morning. But I am [emoji suggesting Jenny is “Keepin’ it a hundred” as the kids say] in love with what they did with this movie!

Ryan enters in a contemplative mood…

ryan:  [long, drawn-out but highly appropriate swearword]

That last shot.

tomk:  That was the perfect send off. And with the opening of that awful Origins movie, Jackman’s take on Wolverine may have had his entire life played out on the big screen.

Did you guys get the pre-credits teaser?

ryan:  Yeah. It’s attached to the movie.

Fun but completely unnecessary.

Anyone catch Prof X’s last words? I couldn’t make them out.

tomk:  I know I didn’t.

jenny:  “I didn’t know”

“I didn’t know”

ryan:  Damn.

jenny:  So here are my first thoughts:

Here are the things I love:

1. I believe they did a tremendous job of showing real human emotion without it being forced. They had to establish quite a bit happening in such a small about of time.

2. Post “rah-rah” mutant world – people are gone, but we don’t know why (until later). Which shows how lonely Logan and the few that are left really are.

3. National Mutant threat – We are gently told such with the minor human/mutant interactions and dialog about them being in Mexico and fleeing to Canada, but then it becomes blatantly aware when we learn how Professor X has been declared a weapon of mass destruction due to his ALS and Alzheimer’s and how he destroyed many mutants and humans alike in the Manchester incident (or whatever they were calling it, can’t quite remember).

4. Connection between Logan and Laura – even though Laura is built as a “clone” in this version, we see that she is still very human. Thus the build up between her and Logan seemed impossible at first, but they pulled it off. It was believable in the end that she would risk her life for him, and he would risk his life for her. It plays into Logan’s weakness that he (deep down) is still a good guy.

5. Establishing a new mutant world – I love that we get to see new mutants, and that they are fleeing to Canada (and that they are young). It proposes so many new possibilities that are exciting. It plays nicely into Brian Michael Bendis’ run he did back in 2015…? Can’t remember the date.

6. As for the graphic nature of the film, I think it added the much needed rawness of Logan’s story – his rage – and his in ability to be patient when things get tough. The fight scenes could have been so cheesy, but they weren’t. They were well choreographed, and felt natural, and necessary given the circumstances and stress Logan & Laura were under during those scenes. How do you teach a weapon to not be a weapon? You slowly bring her back from the crazy… so I loved how they did that.

And can we all agree that the girl playing Laura did an amazing job!? Holy shit… I hope they keep her around.

ryan:  I couldn’t figure out who stole more scenes: Prof X or Laura.

Did your theaters all giggle whenever Prof X dropped an F-bomb?

jenny:  YES!


Prof. X for sure

I mean – I loved Laura, but then I was elated with Prof. X’s scenes. All of them. Pure Gold!

ryan:  I liked how they handled X-23. She wasn’t really a clone–they used his genetic material to create a child.

jenny:  Yeah

ryan:  Definitely some magic science to make the sperm, but there was another mother.

tomk:  Not mine. I just thought that Wolverine, more than most movie superheroes, benefitted from an R rating, and not just for the violence. This movie was also a good throwback to old Westerns like Shane where a bad man comes out of retirement trying to get redemption.

jenny:  Anyone else confused as to why the other kids spoke perfect English and Laura was the only one who seemed to prefer Spanish?

tomk:  Most of those kids didn’t seem to talk much.

ryan:  I think only Ricardo spoke, right?

jenny:  True… the Electric kid seemed to prefer perfect english, and the telekinesis/leader kid seemed to be more of a spanish speaking kid.

Is that his real name?

ryan:  He wrote it on the medicine slip.


It may have been shorter.

tomk:  Rictor (a character from the comics) seemed older than the others. Maybe he just got more education as a result.

jenny:  Ah – Rictor. Him and the Electric kid were the only ones who spoke (other than Laura).

ryan:  Electric kid spoke?

jenny:  Yeah, he asked Logan if he wanted him to wake Laura up.

ryan:  Ah. Gotcha. He reminded me of Thud Butt from Hook.

tomk:  Killer Pine Needle Girl certainly never spoke. Neither did Frosty Breath.

jenny:  Me too, Ryan !

Yeah, nor Fish Gills

Fish Gills girl/boy? I couldn’t really tell – looked pretty cool. Spiky teeth and all!

ryan:  Yeah, subtle effects but quick flashes. That was cool.

Just published my review. Needed to get that out.

tomk:  Watson and I discussed doing a duel review for Monday two weeks ago. I was wondering if the chat here could be used.

Maybe for a Friday post of some kind.

ryan:  Whatever you want. I wanted to dive into how the movie handled death and the farmhouse scene in particular.

tomk:  That farmhouse scene was brutal, though I guessed it wasn’t Logan before the Prof got stabbed.

jenny:  I did not know what was going on at first, and it was so heartbreaking and surprising – at least for me. So well done on their part for that quick twist.

tomk:  I will say I was surprised X-24 was a Logan clone.

ryan:  It seemed oddly inefficient for ALL the kids to be X-23. But kids are greedy like that.

Oh and it was WILDLY inappropriate for Thud Butt to go pick up an old Wolverine toy for the funeral at the end. I hope some of the kids were all “Dude, NOT cool.”

jenny:  Hahahaha

tomk:  I thought it was uncool there may have been some kids in my screening’ audience.

ryan:  At least it’s comic book based and you could see some kids begging to go. A had a couple bring their 3 or 4 year old daughter to see the first Paranormal Acrivity movie. Soooooo inappropriate.

tomk:  Oh, I’m sure it happens all the time. Still not appropriate in my mind. My dad told me he and my brother walked out of Deadpool early when he realized my nephew shouldn’t have been there, though my brother is usually better than that so I kinda doubt that story.

jenny:  Who are these people?

tomk:  My dad and my brother? I’ve known one of them my whole life and the other for most of that time.

jenny:  Haha, that’s not what I meant.

ryan:  You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car – hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they’ll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father.

jenny:  hahaha ain’t it the truth

tomk:  So, Cracked put out an article today claiming Logan stole its whole plot from Children of Men. I’ve seen both movies in the last week or so, but…yeah, I don’t see it.

To be sure, there are a number of superficial similarities, but much of that comes from common story-telling tropes that have existed for ages.

jenny:  Yeah, that Cracked article is on crack.

tomk: Jenny has spoken.

ryan:  Yeah, that’s pretty weak.

tomk:  I think a better point of comparison might be a latter-day Eastwood western, especially Unforgiven.

In other news, I see Ryan Reynolds has posted that Deadpool thing to YouTube already.

Oh, Stan Lee was in the YouTube version.

jenny:  Haha, nice!

Jimmy comes in, basking in the afterglow of his nation’s greatest hero…

jimmy:  I could have left after the Deadpool teaser and been satisfied.

tomk:  But for very different reasons…

jimmy:  PS, Jenny it was Westchester…you know…the school that’s been in like the last 800 X-Men movies. 🙂

I thought it was about 10-15 minutes too long and X-24 was a bit too Superman III for me, but I otherwise loved it. 9.5/10.

And on the subject of X-24, no one thought over the 50+ years he’s been around, and all the enemies he’s had, to shoot Logan with the same bullet? Even Logan knew it would work and carried it around with him.

Also, what was Logan dying of? Why do I think it was adamantium poisoning, and I’m not sure that makes sense.

And besides Logan being old, was there any ties/Easter eggs to Old Man Logan?

tomk:  The road trip aspect?

The idea the other X-Men were dead?

Besides, Logan himself thought the admanatium was what was killing him.

jimmy:  Why now? Why wasn’t his healing factor taking care of it?

ryan:  Although I hate to cite it as canon, recall his healing was starting to slow down in The Wolverine.

But there’s also a lot of missing content. Like how he got the metal claws back in the first place.

Hard to say for sure. And I kinda like that.

Not a lot of draws from OML but enough. Desolate home. Most of the others are dead. Hired to do a delivery job.

tomk:  I’d say both works have a latter-day Clint Eastwood feel.

jimmy:  The X at the grave was a tear jerker. [very sad emoji]

jenny:  Westchester – of course! Damn it. The simplest things escape me sometimes.

tomk:  Jenny has a forgetful mind of the first order.


And then there was Watson…

watson:  Ok. That worked.

tomk:  Jenny, your fascism is showing.

jenny:  Whoops, let me tuck that back in. My bad fellas.

tomk:  What did you like about the movie, Watson ?

watson:  It wasn’t just a movie. It was a film. If Dark Knight is the Citizen Kane of superhero movies, Logan is the Godfather.

tomk:  You don’t like The Godfather

watson:  It totally benefitted from the R-rating. No just for violence and language, but because it played with more mature themes.

I love The Godfather. One of the best movies ever made. I wouldn’t like Logan 2.

tomk:  Oh, I see. My mistake.

watson:  Noted and filed.

The acting, writing and direction of this movie were award worthy.

This movie deserve Oscar noms for Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor, Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor (eh…maybe), Cinematography, and Sound Mixing. Definitely NOT sound editing though.

tomk:  I’m a big man and can admit my mistakes. I am also a physically large man due to being very tall and have a hard time finding shoes that fit without special ordering stuff. And everything Watson said just now is true.

Though I don’t know what it could be nominated for, given what may come out between now and December. JJ Abrams claims Mark Hamill deserves an Oscar for Episode VIII after all.

watson:  How did Hugh Jackman find a new gear after playing that character for nearly 20 years?  It was like when Stallone nailed Rocky in Creed a couple of years ago.

I don’t care why else comes out. Best picture and director should be a lock. Cinematography next in line.

tomk:  I keep comparing this movie to Eastwood’s latter day Westerns. I think Jackman always had it in him and wasn’t asked to do this. In a way, it reminds me of Robert Downey Jr in Civil War, where he hit a new note for a character he’s been playing for a while because he was finally asked to.

And you have to figure Jackman’s own getting older had a factor in the performance. Logan can’t do what he used to without a lot of trouble, and maybe Jackman can’t either.

watson:  You compare it to a Western. It could also be a drama, action, or even horror movie.

tomk:  Xavier watching those Westerns and most of the scenery reminded me of that sort of thing. And isn’t Logan just the old gunslinger being called out of retirement against his will to take care of one last thing?

watson:  I say horror because there were so legitimate creepy scenes.

Yeah. The Shane eulogy played very well.

I’m glad they decided to not include Mr Sinister after all. Would not have fit the tone.

tomk:  The Reavers were a nice touch.

watson:  Subtle though.

tomk:  Heck, nice use of (fake) X-Men comics.

watson:  I was about to ask about that. I liked it. On the plus side, fanboys finally got to see Wolverine and the X-Men look just like the comics in a movie!

tomk:  The artist for those pages has been tweeting his original artwork as drawn for the movie.

watson:  Cool. I was actually wondering if that was 80s era issues.

Love how the X-Men and Logan were now famous enough in that world to have an adaptation.

I had not read Old Man Logan so any twists were shocking to me. I was stunned when Laura popped claws.

tomk:  Well, for what it’s worth, Laura, AKA X-23, doesn’t appear in Old Man Logan. She’s come up elsewhere, but not in that story.

jimmy:  There’s really not much from the Old Man Logan story that gets adapted here.

tomk:  Yeah, just the fact Logan got old and he goes on a road trip.

jimmy:  And that the X-Men are dead.

I wonder how many of those fake X-Men comics exist?

watson:  Ah. Makes sense. Still cool.

A scene that I loved is when Eriq LaSalle didn’t shoot Logan only because he ran out of bullets. There was a total “you did this to my family” look. Good scene.

jimmy:  And just for some context, X-23 is the Wolverine in the comics now too since Logan is also dead there….but Old Man Logan is there too because comics.

watson:  I also loved the cross to X transition at the end. That was beautiful. It could have been cheesy but they nailed it.

jimmy:  Agreed.

On both.

watson:  Don’t bring up the comics too much Jimmy.  It makes me like the MOVIE less just knowing that it was based on a character that tells such silly stories.

jimmy:  But the actual Old Man Logan story that this really has nothing to do with is also quite good.

watson:  I’ll check it out.

jimmy:  Btw, Ms Impossible was NOT impressed that Logan and Chuck died. She never knew this was their supposed last films in those roles.

watson:  In a PG-13 version, Logan and Charles would have been spotted having a latte in Italy.

jimmy:  Haha

watson:  I also loved the Deadpool short before the movie. Practically a cartoon. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is very much a live action version of Bugs Bunny.

jimmy:  I’m still laughing at it. The Firefly posters in the background too.

tomk:  As I said before, Stan Lee appears in the YouTube version. Deadpool tells him to, in politer terms, shut up.

watson:  Ok. That’s my thoughts. Wrapping up for the readers at Gabbing Geek. Let’s get everyone’s score. I give Logan 10 “Professor X has to pee”s out of 10!

tomk:  I got an all-purpose spoiler-free review set for tomorrow morning. I gave this a 10 out of 10 Western references.

jimmy:  I gave it 9.5 out of 10 X marks the spots.

ryan:  Watson–you really should read OML. You’ll see the few elements they pulled and why it was an amazing adaptation. Plus it’s a great story.

watson:  I will.

ryan:  It’s on sale right now for $5 on comixology.

watson:  Bought it.

jenny:  9 out of 10 Toe Claws!