July 22, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror XIII”

In which we celebrate Halloween for the thirteenth time.

Did you know the human skull looks like the number four for Kang and Kodos?

Yeah, neither did I.  Oh well.

So, it’s another Halloween episode to kick of Season 14…my god, where did my life go?

Anyway, that means the usual anthology.  Homer buys a hammock from the hammock man that produces magical clones.  They’re somehow dumber than the original, and Homer’s plan to have a small army of Homers do all of the work and leave him for the snuggling seems to be going well until one of them misunderstands some directions and kills Ned Flanders.  I hate when that happens.  Now, if Homer didn’t dump all the clones and the hammock off in the middle of a corn field, maybe things wouldn’t have gone quite so badly.

Clones making clones does lead to some really faulty ones, like how among the horde of Homers is Peter Griffin and the Tracy Ullman Show version.

The clones all die when they follow giant donuts off a cliff.  Well, sort of.  The real Homer was the first one over, so Marge has to content herself with a clone that apparently specializes in back rubs.

The second story shows Lisa being uncharacteristically dumb.  I mean, I knew who William Bonney was.  How did Lisa not know the real name of Billy the Kid?  Billy’s gang of dead western villains (and Kaiser Wilhelm) only lasts as long as Homer can use Professor Frink’s time machine to get back the guns Lisa somehow manages to convince the people of Springfield to give up.  Somehow I suspect that wouldn’t work outside a cartoon.  The good news is I need never worry about the trigger happy zombie of Kaiser Wilhelm.  Hooray!

That last segment had the Simpsons go on vacation on Dr. Hibbert’s island, which is somehow the Island of Dr. Moreau.  Yeah, that one was just weird. I shall say no more on it, but will note Homer may have had some furry tendencies he didn’t know about before he realized Marge wasn’t as human as she used to be.

The “Fox Attitude” joke, though?  Lame then.  Lame now.