November 28, 2023

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Geek Review: Logan

Hugh Jackman hangs up the claws in the most appropriate way possible.

Look, Ryan did a fantastic review for this movie already, particularly given how he does an in-depth scene analysis of what was probably the most heartbreakingly powerful moment in the whole movie.  I can’t write a better review than he did there.

What I can do is my usual largely SPOILER FREE review for anyone looking for a second opinion that hasn’t seen the movie yet.  If you have, go read Ryan’s review.  If you haven’t and you’re on the fence, try mine on for size.

The film opens with a passed-out Logan sleeping it off on the floor of a limousine.  He’s working as a driver, and someone is trying to steal the hubcaps. Though he initially tries to talk the guys out of it, eventually the claws come out and most of the thieves aren’t going to be stealing anything anymore.

But this is a Logan whose claws don’t pop out as far as they used to without help, and whose healing factor isn’t working like it used to.  He’s not Wolverine anymore, and he wants everyone to know that.  He spends his time off work hiding out in Mexico, taking care of a very old Professor Xavier, whose old age is causing problems where he can’t always control his powers.  As for the other X-Men, they’re all gone.

Things change when Logan finds himself entrusted with a young girl named Laura (cinematic newcomer Dafne Keen).  There are people after her, and Xavier wants Logan to take care of one last thing with this girl before its too late.

Much was made of this movie being Jackman’s last turn as Wolverine/Logan, a role he’s owned for 17 years.    He ends the movie in a manner that’s highly appropriate, and the viewer would have to wonder if Jackman’s own aging was a factor in his performance.  But this is also Patrick Stewart’s last turn as Professor X, and he’s just as good as he always is.  Special note should be made for Keen.  Her Laura appears to be incapable of more than animalistic screaming for most of the movie, but she manages to nail the feral aspects of a character comic book fans will probably recognize rather quickly.  I know I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Laura going forward, at least until Fox figures out who the new Wolverine will be.

Ten out of ten Western references.  There’s definitely a Shane/Unforgiven vibe running through the film, especially since a small moment reveals Xavier considers Shane one of his favorite movies.