July 18, 2024

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Bento Review: Invincible Iron Man Volume 1

Iron Man's back! Sure, he never really went away, but he's still back!

Marvel most recent Secret Wars allowed a certain amount of reboot opportunities, or at least a back-to-basics approach for the longtime characters.

That means a new Iron Man series written by longtime Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis.

Ninja Iron Man? Ooooooo-kay…

Quite frankly, I don’t think there was anything truly earth-shattering here.  Tony Stark designs a new Iron Man suit, dates a woman, messes with longtime foe Madame Masque, and comes out on top with a slightly new status quo.  If anything, the heavy emphasis on magic seems…wrong for Iron Man.  Madame Masque is collecting mystical artifacts for a purpose that is made clear by the volume’s end, and despite a consultation with Dr. Strange, the real magical ally comes from a less-expected source.

That source is actually Dr. Doom.  With his face healed as a result of Secret Wars, Doom is looking to turn over a new leaf and he’s leaning heavily on his magical training to do so here.  Granted, it’s Doom so no one believes him.  And, quite frankly, Doom doesn’t sound like Doom.  He sounds like a Bendis character, not the grandiose man who loves to shout his own name.  I would imagine he could still be trying to be a “good guy” without abandoning his over-the-top schtick.   Hey, it works for Thor.

Also added that seems odd for Iron Man:  Mary Jane Watson.  Post-Superior Spider-Man, it makes sense that she’d be on her own, but she seems an odd fit for an Iron Man supporting character.  Then again, so does the magic, the causal version of Doom, and the general overview of the book itself.  It’s not a bad book.  It’s both a typical Iron Man adventure, and a typical Bendis script.  David Marquez’s pencils are nice, but I’m not that curious about anything else going forward from here.  Eight biotech ninjas out of ten.

NEXT BOX:  That does it for this month’s box.  What’s up next?  Well, the card that came with the box said that next month’s theme is “Out of Retirement” and promises an appearance by a popular mutant.  So, probably not Dazzler.  Say, isn’t there a Wolverine movie next week?