September 25, 2023

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Simpsons Did It!: “I Am Furious (Yellow)”

In which Bart finds success with a web cartoon.

A John Swartzwelder script and a Stan Lee guest appearance?  That’s something, right?

Yeah, I’d say so.

It’s a bad day for a school assembly at Springfield Elementary.  It’s career day and all they have to speak is Kirk VanHouten.  He’s the assistant to the guy who puts fliers under windshield wipers.  Considering the next one may be coming from Groundskeeper Willy and his archenemy Angus, it’s somewhat hopeless.  Lisa suggests trying a local Writer’s Forum and nets a cartoonist for a popular web cartoon called Danger Dog.  The speech goes over well for the students but poorly for Skinner since the guy barely works and didn’t do squat in school.

That leads to numerous kids trying to do their own thing, and their own thing seems to be variations on Danger Dog.  Bart thinks his work is good enough to sell to the Comic Book Guy.  He’s wrong there.  He gets a minor boost when Stan Lee just happens to wander in and basically encourages Bart to practice with a more original character.  What can he do?  Well, he can spot Homer getting his tongue caught in a folding beach chair and then set his own ass on fire.  Homer hopes there’s no one there to draw that.

Bart’s new comic book, Angry Dad, proves hugely successful and Comic Book Guy will sell it.  Stan Lee might be impressed too if he weren’t so busy moving Marvel merchandise over the DC competition.  The Thing does not fit in a Batmobile, Stan.  He also didn’t come back to the store.  He never left.

Bart’s comic is so successful, a guy from an online entertainment company wants to make it into an online cartoon.  Lisa, acting as Bart’s business manager, has some questions about a profit plan, but she can be put off with free stock.  That would be about all the company can pay anybody, including the voice actor playing Angry Dad who not only sounds exactly like Homer but he looks an awful lot like Dan Castellaneta.

Angry Dad the Animated Series is a huge hit, and then Homer finds out about it.  Though initially furious, he realizes this anger is not good if he’s that angry all the time.  So, Homer gives up anger.

This is bad for both Homer and Bart.  Homer sprouts boils when something that could make him mad happens, and Bart has no new material.  That lack of material is immaterial because the cartoon company went out of business since it, you know, made no money.  Bubbles burst, to Bart’s surprise.

But Bart had a set a trap that ended with Homer going through cacti and baby diapers.  And then he got dumped into green paint.  Homer, now a somewhat less-than-incredible Hulk, goes on a rampage downtown until the cops take him down.  Stan Lee was incredulous because he was pretty sure he was the Hulk.

Should Homer be mad at Bart?  Actually, Bart saved his life.  Bottling up the anger was causing the boils and could have gotten Homer killed.

So, wow, anger saves Homer’s life.  Who knew?