April 19, 2024

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The Night Manager “Episode Five”

Part Five.

And now it’s all coming full circle.

So, whose side is Jonathan on?  That’s what MI6, particularly Angela Burr and her people, as well as their CIA associates, are wondering.  If only he could get back in touch as his personal situation is getting incredibly dangerous.

How dangerous?  Well, Roper got a copy of the list that Pine sent to Angela.  The Spanish Lawyer’s handwriting is all over it, so that’s why he’s dead.  And Roper knows there are only four people besides himself that could have stolen those documents:  Roper’s pal Langbourne, Corky, Jed, or Jonathan.  Jonathan straight up denies it, and even suggests Langbourne couldn’t possibly be the traitor.

Roper thinks anyone can betray anybody.

What a marvelous life this man must lead.

Roper’s response is to go to “the Haven,” a private military base in Turkey near the Syrian border and bring all four of those people together until he figures out who sent Angela the list.  Yes, Roper has her name.

Angela, for her part, has her own problems.  Her immediate supervisor, a very supportive man, has been dealt with in a way even he can’t get out of:  he’s promoted to a new office.  Her CIA counterpart just got recalled to Washington for other duties.  Other elements of MI6 are following Angela, threatening her at home, and even breaking into her house and assaulting her husband.  It seems that guy who played Brutus on Rome (or Edmure on Game of Thrones, take your pick) believes Roper (who’s paying him on the backend) is important to British and American national interests.

And then, out in the desert, Roper is demonstrating his weapons for a black market type.  Lots of explosions in the night, and a napalming of a village Roper said was deserted.  It wasn’t.  It doesn’t end well there.  Pine, playing Andrew Birch, gives the presentation, and then does some smart things.

First, he gets the license plate numbers of the trucks which he believes has the munitions.

Then he confides in the very frightened Jed who he really is and why he’s there.  He needs her help.

Then the two come up with a plan to frame the disgruntled Corky for the leak.  Corky just about has those two pegged anyway.

Then Jonathan sneaks out of the camp and gets a local cabbie to drive to Istanbul to deliver the plate numbers to Angela’s agent.

And, when Corky catches Jonathan on the other side of the fence, well, Jonathan can beat him to death and completely frame him for the leaks.

So, that’s that, right?  Angela can get Roper red-handed now, right?

Er, no.  Roper switched out the shipment for actual agricultural equipment.  The trucks aren’t carrying anything incriminating, and neither Angela nor Steadman in the CIA knows whose side Pine is really on.

But, this was based on a book, so we need to go back to the beginning.  Jonathan’s involvement started when he was night manager of a Cairo hotel.  He sent some documents a female guest was copying to the British embassy.  The documents came from one Freddy Hamid.  The woman was his mistress. She and Jonathan had a fling.  Then she turned up dead in Jonathan’s hotel, and local police covered it up as a suicide when it was clear Hamid, an associate of Roper, did it.  Jonathan has been mad about that ever since.

Where is Roper taking Jonathan now?  Back to Cairo.  To see Hamid.  And it looks like Roper is staying in Jonathan’s old hotel and in the very room that woman was killed in.

We’ll finish this up next week.