February 29, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Blame It On Lisa”

In which the Simpsons go to Brazil and the show offends everyone there.

You know, when the Simpsons travel abroad, the real-world host country tends to be a bit upset about how the show portrays them.

This time, Brazil may have been right to feel such a way.

I mean, let’s look at what the family sees there.  R-rated children’s shows, angry monkeys all over the place, mandatory speed-o wear at the beach, conga lines as transportation, luggage kicked around like a soccer ball, thieves around every corner, and brightly painted rats to trick tourists into thinking the slums aren’t so bad.  And that’s before Homer gets kidnapped.

But, in many ways, Homer and Bart are far worse than anything else, wearing pro-America t-shirts, acting fairly ignorant about, oh, every custom, and basically being Bart and Homer.  I’m not sure that makes up for the rest.

So, why did the Simpsons go to Brazil?  Lisa had adopted an orphan there and was only found out when the $400 phone bill came in.  Why did she call?  Ronaldo stopped writing, and you can’t get off the phone with a nun since they have powers.  So, the Simpsons go to Brazil to find the kid which may be the worst reason to travel abroad for this family ever.

Well, Maggie doesn’t go.  She stays with Patty and Selma, and fortunately, she can change her own diapers at this point.

Homer being Homer ignores all of Lisa’s advice and gets into an unlicensed cab.  That means he’s kidnapped.  Bart manages to slip away when Homer wasn’t looking, but the family can’t afford the ransom of $50,000.  Homer tries calling people he knows.  Mr. Burns is in a good mood and will send the money if Homer works it off.  No dice there.  Moe needs $50,000 himself for some reason, so that’s no good.  And Flanders doesn’t have $100,000, but he offers prayers.

Fortunately, the other Simpsons find Ronaldo.  Why did he leave the orphanage?  He got a job as a giant flamingo on that adult-themed kids show thanks to the dance shoes Lisa’s money allowed him to buy, and since he’s fairly well off, he can provide the ransom for Homer.  Homer, meanwhile, was scrapbooking, but the exchange happens and the Simpsons can get home once they get Bart out of the anaconda.

That means they have one continent left to go.  The Simpsons may some day go to Antarctica!