April 19, 2024

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True Detective “After You’ve Gone”

Season One, Episode Seven.

Here we are, next to the last episode of the spectacular first season of True Detective, and it may be the weakest.  There are few if any big surprises involving the case, and the flashbacks are pretty much over.

So, we just have a bit of set-up here.

For starters, Marty isn’t glad to see Rust.  That might have been implied at the end of the previous episode, but he isn’t.  Rust does manage to convince the skeptical Marty to see all the evidence Rust has compiled about a huge number of missing person cases, but the thing that seals the deal is Rust got a really incriminating tape involving that long missing little girl mentioned many times before.

See, Rust broke into Reverend Tuttle’s house and found the tape showing the girl being used in a sick act of ritualistic rape and murder.  That outrages Marty enough to agree to help his former partner.  Officially, he tells Maggie, that Rust just hired him for something since Marty currently runs a small private investigation firm.  The two catch up a bit, we learn why Marty left the police and why Rust came back to Louisiana.  Maggie sees both men separately.  Marty seems glad to see her and learns his daughters are mostly doing OK.  Rust isn’t so much since she sees him to mostly get a promise not to let Marty get hurt.  The chat she had with her ex seemed very…final to her.

By the by, Rev. Tuttle died under suspicious circumstances not long after Rust got that tape.

But Marty has some things he can bring to the table, and that’s the only reason Rust went to him.  As a PI, Marty can do a lot of looking into tax records and stuff, and he’s still friendly enough with the cops to get access to their old files on missing persons.  Rust found evidence a whole lot of missing women and children near various Tuttle schools.  One such tax record search brings the guys to a former maid of the Tuttle family, and the old lady knows of an illegitimate half-brother whose son had a lot of scars on his face, a description that many of the surviving witnesses all mention.  Plus, another old colleague of the guys clearly knows something he shouldn’t.  The episode ends for Marty and Rust confronting their old co-worker, now a parish sherif in a state where only the governor can arrest such people.

But that old lady went a little nuts when the topic of “Carcosa” came up.

But the end of the show has the two other cops looking into the case asking a guy on a riding mower directions.  Had they stopped to chat, or even not talked to him while the sun shined directly behind the man, they might have noticed the heavy scarring on the lower portion of his face.  Or that he mows the lawn in a rather…circular manner.

Viewers might notice this is not the first time we’ve seen this guy.  Rust and Marty ran into him once or twice during their own investigation, but he didn’t seem noteworthy enough to really learn anything about the guy.  Detective’s Curse.